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Nicholas A. Lopardo

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Susquehanna Capital Management Group

Mr. Lopardo has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Susquehanna Capital Management Group, an investment holding company, since January 2002. Mr. Lopardo retired in December 2001 as Vice Chairman of State Street Bank and Trust Company and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of State Street Global Advisors, the bank’s investment management group. Mr. Lopardo had been associated with State Street Bank and Trust Company since 1987, and previously held several executive level positions including Executive Vice President. Mr. Lopardo has over 38 years of experience in the pension industry, having served in a variety of roles with Equitable Life Assurance Society related to pension marketing, client relationships, and pension investment advisory services.

Mr. Lopardo is a director of Myriad Entertainment and Resorts, Inc., and also serves as a director of several privately held companies. He served eight years as a member of the board of directors of Susquehanna University, holding the position of Chairman of that board in 2000 and 2001. He was also Chairman of the advisory board of the Weiss School of Business at Susquehanna University, and is Chairman Emeritus of the board and a lifetime trustee of the Landmark School, a premier secondary school for students with language-based learning disabilities. Mr. Lopardo is also a board member of Boston Partners in Education and USA Hockey Foundation. Mr. Lopardo received a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and management from Susquehanna University.

Mr. Lopardo has spent almost four decades working in positions of executive leadership within the financial services industry. His demonstrated acumen for business leadership on an international scale enables him to provide expert oversight of our senior management team in his roles as a member of our board and as Chair of the compensation and benefits committee of our board. Additionally, Mr. Lopardo utilizes the skill and experience that he has developed in corporate financial matters as a member of the finance committee of our board.