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Eco-innovative products development at PerkinElmer.

PerkinElmer strongly believes in integrating social and environmental concerns into our business practices, products, and services. We design, develop and manufacture our products in a manner that minimizes the health and environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle, all which is completed in compliance with applicable regulations. Our innovative products provide solutions to critical global challenges and are designed to make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

Regulatory Compliance and Supply Chain

We are committed to collaborating with our suppliers and strategic partners to offer products and services that improve performance and reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impacts. Our product and service development processes review and manage environmental and health risks and impacts at multiple points along the lifecycle to ensure operational, regulatory and customer compliance.

In 2016 some of our products will no longer be exempt under the RoHS European Union directive. We are proactively working with our supply chain to produce compliant products well before this deadline. Additionally, we continue to monitor other government regulations such as Dodd-Frank to ensure compliance with new or changing product standards.

Our supplier contracts include standard clauses that address compliance with local, regional and national environmental, health, safety and labor laws. In 2010, we added a supplier code of conduct provision addressing human rights issues such as forced labor, child labor and fair wages.

Focusing on Process Improvements for RoHS Compliance

Flexar™ PDA Plus™ Detector

The newly redesigned Flexar PDA Plus Detector is one example of how we are improving its product development processes to address customer needs and regulatory trends. Enhancing instrument bandwidth and sensitivity, the instrument was also designed to substitute safer materials for lead and other hazardous substances formerly common in electronic equipment.

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