Pioneering Solutions that Offer Babies a Healthier Start

“The real driving force behind my work is the chance to give children a healthier start at life,” said Anna Potier, senior application scientist based at PerkinElmer’s headquarters in Waltham, MA. Since joining the Company in 2013, Anna has applied her expertise in organic chemistry to PerkinElmer’s Diagnostics R&D team, assisting in the development of lysosomal storage disorder (LSD) assays. LSD assays detect a number of rare inherited metabolic disorders, including Gaucher disease, Niemann-Pick A/B disease, Pompe disease, Krabbe disease, Fabry disease, and MPS I disease, all from a single blood spot.

Upon graduating from the University of Zurich, Anna sought opportunities to pursue her passion and foster relationships with renowned researchers in her field. “What attracted me to PerkinElmer wasn’t just its strong customer focus, industry reputation, or innovative solutions, it was the room it offered scientists to grow, collaborate, and make significant contributions to the industry,” she said. When Anna first decided to pursue organic chemistry, she never envisioned a career as rewarding as hers today. “What my team develops is so critical to the families we serve. Every step in our process helps bring customers closer to their next major discovery,” said Anna.

As a testament to her diligence and collaborative spirit, Anna was honored with an Early Innovator Award in 2016, which celebrates employees across PerkinElmer who are early in their careers and are pioneering next-generation solutions while consistently demonstrating a strong focus on customer needs. In 2017, Anna earned her first U.S. patent, entitled Methods Relating to Testing for Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs). This patent focused on the addition of a detergent to PerkinElmer’s NeoLSD assay, which screens for six different LSD’s simultaneously by monitoring their enzyme activities. Anna has also authored several posters and co-authored a number of peer-reviewed publications, most notably one featured in the National Center for Biotechnology Information. “One thing that has propelled me to this stage in my career is being unafraid to ask questions. I have a natural curiosity for science and enjoy every challenge that comes my way,” she said.

Today, Anna continues to scan the horizon for emerging assay applications that could benefit more babies and help our customers achieve even greater scientific breakthroughs. Anna is just one of many PerkinElmer employees leveraging her talents to enhance our next-generation solutions to improve lives and the world around us.