Propel Medical Review Webinar

Propel Medical Review with Guided Analytics

This webcast discusses how medical monitors can leverage guided visual analytics to find and act on the right issues quickly without sifting through mounds of clinical data. This allows monitoring teams to perform in-stream review of study data and make smarter decisions faster.

In this webcast, attendees will learn:

  • Common analytic challenges that slow medical monitoring and raise the risk of missed safety signals
  • Data visualization and analytic capabilities available today that can shave up to four weeks off the submission process
  • Analytic capabilities needed to handle the impact innovations in trial design (e.g., real-world evidence, adaptive trials) and regulatory changes will have on in-stream data review

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Risk-Based Monitoring

Actionable & Adaptive RBM: PerkinElmer’s Comprehensive Approach to Risk-Based Monitoring

If your organization is interested in adopting Risk-Based Monitoring, you understand that 100% SDV and schedule-driven monitoring is not an effective or cost-efficient approach to trial monitoring. Instead, you are looking for a solution that will help your central monitors, remote monitors, and CRAs quickly and easily evaluate risk across the study and target monitoring activities where they can be most impactful. With the PerkinElmer RBM, you can easily navigate from high-level overview data to specific data points from multiple source systems at once.

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Vitruvian Man

Unified Data Access & Visual Analytics for Better Medical Outcomes

The current trend towards precision medicine and value-based treatment schemes has triggered a fundamental shift in the broader healthcare ecosystem. A new model of close cooperation between stakeholders is arising, leveraging clinical- as well as real-world data (RWD) to improve patient outcomes. Evidence around outcomes, in particular beyond randomized clinical trials, is becoming the new currency in healthcare – driving decisions and adding substantial value to a broad range of key steps along the Pharma & Medtech value chain, such as translational medicine, trial design & -recruitment, market access, pricing & reimbursement. PerkinElmer is currently collaborating with various partners on applying the flexibility of the TIBCO Spotfire® analytics platform, paired with the new PerkinElmer Signals™ suite to build evidence around outcomes, allowing collaboration within and across the corporate firewalls to integrate data from disparate platforms.

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Next Generation Clinical Data Review Webinar

Next Generation Clinical Data Review with TIBCO Spotfire®

PerkinElmer's Clinical Data Review solution automatically combines data to allow clinical development team members to interactively explore information and discover new relationships. With the ability to quickly visualize and analyze data, team members can optimize the clinical trial process and focus their efforts on obtaining the insights and answers they need to bring drugs and devices to market faster...

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Using Advanced Visual Analytics Webinar

Using Advanced Visual Analytics for Efficient Risk Based Monitoring

Risk based monitoring (RBM) is now fully supported as a method to optimize clinical trial operations by the Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. The adoption of RBM is increasing as companies provide greater management support, staff training and more sophisticated technology systems...

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Holistic Clinical Data Review Webinar

Holistic Clinical Data Review in Real-Time: Reality or Utopia

Regardless of how clinical data is managed, the traditional complex IT infrastructures can lead to significant delays in bringing medical data to the clinical business users such as Drug Safety, Medical monitors, statisticians and programmers. In this presentation it will be discussed...

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Risk Based Monitoring Webinar

Risk Based Monitoring for Central Nervous System (CNS) Clinical Trials

Risk based monitoring is now fully supported as a method to optimize clinical trial operations and monitoring by the Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. In this webinar, learn how you can shift clinical monitoring...

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Crossed Signals Webinar

Crossed Signals: Pharmacovigilance Challenges with Big Data

FDA and global health authorities mandate that adverse events be reported and collected; however, research estimates that 90% of these reports worldwide are not reported. They are out there though, in online forum postings...

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Addressing Clinical Safety Webinar

Addressing Clinical Safety - A Spotfire® Analytics Case Study

Join Joel Allen to look at some of the techniques used by Roche to solve queries submitted by the Safety Science group with a focus on quality and speed. Using Spotfire and a six sigma based approach, safety scientists and programmers...

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Streamlining Workflows Webinar

Streamlining Workflows in Clinical Development

In clinical development, one of the main challenges is to bring new drugs and therapies to market in the shortest time possible, while minimizing patient safety issues. Information is typically gathered from multiple data sources, making...

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Spotfire Clinical Trials Webinar

Using Spotfire® to Maximize the Efficiency of Clinical Trials

As the pharmaceutical industry looks more to risk-based monitoring for clinical trials we will illustrate how the TIBCO Spotfire® Platform can be leveraged as part of that process resulting in more informed data driven decisions, better...

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It is the customer’s responsibility to validate and implement TIBCO Spotfire® software in accordance with their policies and standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

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