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Our LANCE® and LANCE® Ultra TR-FRET technologies provide a simple, highly-sensitive, and highly-reproducible platform for detection, quantitation and screening in microplate format. From biomarker detection assays, to cAMP/GPCR studies, to kinase and epigenetic assays, LANCE provides a flexible platform for many applications.


  • Time-resolved measurement for clearer signal resolution
  • Homogeneous (no wash steps, no separation steps)
  • Robust sensitivity
  • Long signal stability
  • Highly reproducible result

LANCE europium chelates have been optimized for assay performance, signal level, energy transfer efficiency, background and sensitivity of the assay to interferences. The results are a superior S:B ratio and a very sensitive TR-FRET assay. You use less label and get more efficient use of assay reagents.

Our small (<800 Da) ULight acceptor dye decreases steric hindrance while maximizing signal for labeled substrates. The SureLight® APC acceptor dye provides a broad, antenna-like structure to help align fluorophores for optimal TR-FRET signal, making it excellent for measuring large binding interactions.

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  • Protein Analysis & Detection (1)
Automation Compatible
  • Yes (3)
Detection Method
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) (1)
  • TR-FRET (1)
Experimental Type
  • In vitro (2)
Product Brand Name
  • LANCE (1)
  • LANCE Ultra (1)
Target Species
  • Human (1)

"TR-FRET Buffers & Solutions" 1-3 of 3 Products and Services


Ultra HiBlock Buffer 5X

This product is designed to be used in combination with LANCE Ultra TR-FRET biomarker detection kits. The Ultra HiBlock buffer was specially developed buffer to block non-specific protein binding sites.
Price Range : 220.00 USD - 418.00 USD

LANCE Detection Buffer 10X

Detection buffer for LANCE® TR-FRET assays.
List Price : 480.00 USD
Price Range : 103.00 USD - 361.00 USD

"TR-FRET Buffers & Solutions" 1-3 of 3 Products and Services