Tissue Microarrayers


Avoid the difficult and time-consuming task of creating tissue microarrayers by hand. Our fully-automated tissue microarrayers make working with and evaluation of IHC, FISH, and other staining protocols faster and easier.

  • Intuitive software makes for easy design of the TMA layout
  • Selecting core-size and sample-sites from donor blocks
  • A built-in preview camera or digital-slide from a slide-scanner can be used to select sample locations
  • The drilling, coring, implanting, and record keeping are automatic, with no chance of misplaced cores.
  • Using this technique, more than 400 specimens can be added to one slide.

FTMA Master is a compact, automated, tissue microarrayers (TMA) creator. It can drill and fill up to five blocks at a time. Four punch/drill sizes are available. Intuitive software lets you design and save custom layouts for your recipient blocks and automates repetitive tasks.

TMA Grand Master is a high-capacity automated tissue microarrayers (TMA) creator. Up to 12 recipient and 60 donor blocks can be used at once. TMA and GTMA are now also offered with PCR option to allow tissue cores to be collected for genomic analysis.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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"Tissue Microarrayers" 1-4 of 4 Products and Services