Tissue Microarray Analysis


Handle several hundred samples in a single block or on a single slide. Our tissue microarray (TMA) technology brings revolutionary changes in high-throughput analysis, saving you a considerable amount of time, reagents, and slide storage while achieving more-standardized laboratory conditions.

Having hundreds of minute tissue samples on a single TMA block helps you overcome limitations including limited patient sample sizes and limited availability of reagents such as antibodies. This method helps to identify, and characterize molecular targets, validate their clinical relevance in multiple tissue samples, and correlate the results with clinical outcomes.


  • Biomarker discovery
  • Predictive tests
  • Prognostic studies
  • Patient selection for trials
  • Primary evaluation of drug targets / effects

TMA Services:

  • Design of and performing the experiment
  • Isolation of specific tissue samples and tissue processing
  • Tissue embedding and preparing TMA blocks
  • Tissue sectioning / TMA slide preparation
  • IHC, IF, as well as FISH analysis

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"Tissue Microarray Analysis" 1-4 of 4 Products and Services


"Tissue Microarray Analysis" 1-4 of 4 Products and Services