Thermal Desorption


Simplify and speed your sample preparation. We invented the automated thermal desorption (TD) technology used globally today for indoor and outdoor air monitoring.

Our thermal desorbers are ideal for a wide range of additional gas chromatography (GC) applications, including analysis of outgassing from all manner of materials and analysis of flavors and fragrances.

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"Thermal Desorption" 1-50 of 110 Products and Services

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List Price: 391.00 USD

PTFE Ferrule, Pkg 10

Ferrules for cold trap. Recommended for use with Mass Spec or ECD.

List Price: 67.00 USD
List Price: 396.00 USD
List Price: 1699.00 USD

TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber Trap, Empty

TurboMatrix Thermal Desorption Trap Supplies Trap supplies from PerkinElmer, the market leader in thermal desorption, willprovide exceptional analytical performance. Used for U.S. EPA Method TO17, thePerkinElmer standard trap, packed with Tenax, on the TurboMatrix ThermalDesorber, will improve productivity and trapping capacity.

List Price: 248.00 USD
List Price: 419.00 USD

Stainless Steel Prepacked ATD Sample Tubes, Sorbent: Carbopack™ B 60/80, Carbopack™ C 60/80 Carbosieve™ Slll 60/80, Pkg 10

This tube is a multifunctional combination tube which allows detection of 3 compounds. The SS tubes are compatible with pumped and diffusive air monitoring. Suitable for direct sampling of solids and liquids. PerkinElmer tubes are manufactured to the tightest spcifications to ensure trouble free operation and high quality analysis results.

List Price: 970.00 USD
List Price: 8.00 USD
List Price: 1948.00 USD
List Price: 244.00 USD
List Price: 112.00 USD
List Price: 90.00 USD
List Price: 1157.00 USD

Brass Storage End Caps and Ferrule Set Kit For TD Tubes

Kit contains 20pcs each of Brass caps and PTFE ferrules for long-term storage of Thermal Desorber Tubes.

List Price: 524.00 USD

ATD Cold Trap Tube, Unpacked, Pkg 1

Standard cold trap tube unpacked.

List Price: 112.00 USD

Air Monitoring Trap for ATD 400, Pkg 1

Low flow trap (P/N L4275107) packed with carbonaceous sorbents suitable for ozone precursor and air toxics monitoring.

List Price: 409.00 USD

Options Board/BCD Output Board

Required for installation of the following options on an entry-level thermal desorber - Internal Standard Addition, On-line Sampling, or Liquid Nitrogen Cooling. Also provides output of BCD information regarding tube position numbers and provides relay output for timed control of external devices.

List Price: 8.00 USD

Cold Trap Tube, Low Flow, Unpacked for ATD 400, Pkg 1

Cold trap with reduced bore at one end. Allows minimum gas flow
during trap desorption.

List Price: 252.00 USD
List Price: 35.00 USD

Stainless Steel ATD Prepacked Sample Tubes, Sorbent: Air Toxics Tube, Pkg 10

The Air Toxics tube is conditioned at 350 °C. PerkinElmer recommends a maximum temperature of 400 °C for this sample tube with a desorption temperature of 330 °C. The tubes approximate analyte volatility range is n-C3 to n-C12 and the typical analytes for he Air Toxics are EPA TO-14 compounds.

List Price: 947.00 USD

Graphite Ferrule, Pkg 2

Ferrule for cold trap. Recommended for all applications except those using Mass Spec or ECD (Use P/N L4275110 PTFE Ferrule).

List Price: 9.00 USD
List Price: 6.00 USD
List Price: 5.00 USD
List Price: 30.00 USD

Stainless Steel TD tubes Conditioned

SVI Soil Vapor Intrusion™TubesSoil vapor intrusion occurs when toxic compounds that are present in the air space in soil of a contaminated location have ways of entering a building, potentially creating a health risk.

List Price: 1387.00 USD

Standard Diffusion Caps, Pkg 10

For passive air sampling to ensure correct diffusion path length.

List Price: 189.00 USD

Stainless Steel Prepacked ATD Tubes, Sorbent: Carbotrap C/B, Pkg 10

Stainless Steel packed thermal desorber tubes. Packing material: Carbotrap C 20/40 and Carbotrap B 20/40. Fully conditioned with brass long-term storage caps PK/10

List Price: 947.00 USD
List Price: 32.00 USD
List Price: 240.00 USD
List Price: 32.00 USD
List Price: 8700.00 USD

"Thermal Desorption" 1-50 of 110 Products and Services

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