Best-in-class separation, detection, operation and integration. Our fully-integrated chromatography/ICP-MS systems LC-ICP-MS, HPLC-ICP-MS, UPLC-ICP-MS, GC-ICP-MS and IC-ICP-MS provide the ideal platforms for all of your speciation analyses.

  • The most accurate separation available
  • Highly sensitive detection and quantification
  • Trouble-free maintenance – even with heavy matrix samples and high total dissolved solids (TDS) mobile phase compositions
  • Flexibility to choose front ends: liquid chromatography (LC), gas chromatography (GC), ion chromatography (IC)
  • Intuitive, unified software platform for easy operation

Our complete solutions include instrumentation, software, application expertise, service, and training.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Over 100 (2)
Minimum Temperature (Celsius)
  • 0-10 (1)
  • 10-20 (1)
  • 90-100 (1)
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  • Altus (2)
  • Clarus (2)
  • NexION (2)
  • Gas Chromatography (2)
  • ICP Mass Spectrometry (2)
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  • Chromatography (1)

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Altus UPLC

A simple solution for all of your chromatography needs: the Altus™ UPLC® platform. Running the Waters® Empower® 3 CDS – the most comprehensive data software in the industry – the Altus UPLC® system lets you to tackle the most complex samples to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Clarus 580 GC

The Clarus® 580 GC offers many of the same innovative features found in the Clarus 680 GC including an full-color touch-screen interface that features real-time signal display and eight-language support.

NexION 350X ICP-MS Spectrometer

The NexION® 350X ICP-MS, with a single-channel Universal Cell, is well suited for general purpose applications that may be susceptible to interferences or analyses where you simply want to remove any unknown interferences.

Altus HPLC

Welcome to the Altus™ HPLC platform. It simply delivers exceptional results on what you need most – quick and easy analytical workflows without the hassles. Offering time saving automation features and the industry’s leading chromatography data software, the Altus HPLC platform is also backed by the best support organization in the business.

NexION 350D ICP-MS Spectrometer

The NexION® 350D ICP-MS features a dual-channel Universal Cell and the ability to use Dynamic Reaction Cell™ technology.


Our Clarus® 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that require fast analytical cycle times. It maximizes throughput with the fastest injection-to-injection time of any conventional gas chromatograph.

"Speciation" 1-6 of 6 Products and Services