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We offer the most comprehensive product portfolio of digital slide scanners. From affordable single slide desk top to high-speed 250-slide capacity, from high quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescence scanning in the same machine, you can be sure you will find the system that best suits your needs.

Every scanner comes with viewer, database and archiving software, and can be configured with an integrated or stand-alone tailored analysis package to suit your application needs.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Brightfield (11)
  • Fluorescence (6)
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  • DESK (2)
  • MIDI (3)
  • P250 (3)
  • SCAN (3)

"Slide Scanners" 1-11 of 11 Products and Services


"Slide Scanners" 1-11 of 11 Products and Services