Next Generation Sequencing


Our genomic solutions -- from sample extraction to data analysis -- automate your extraction, quantitation and next generation sequencing library preparation, accelerating your NGS workflow from start to finish.


Automated High Yield and Purity Nucleic Acid Extraction

  • Best-in-class chemagic bead-based extraction technology
  • High purity and yield from nucleic acid extractions, regardless of volume range
  • Efficient, gentle, and uniform resuspension of bead pellets


Quantitation and Library Quality Control


  • Unparalleled electrophoresis separation
  • Fast, full-spectrum assessment of sample impurities before expensive downstream processing


Automated NGS Sample Prep Workstations and Methods

  • Eliminate common processing bottlenecks in other sequencing technologies


Data Visualization


  • Enhanced data analysis from large studies through interactive filtering and visualization

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"Next Generation Sequencing" 1-1 of 1 Products and Services

cell::explorer gene pro

cell::explorer gene pro

A robotic automation platform to increase efficiency and reduce pipetting variability within genomic workflows.

"Next Generation Sequencing" 1-1 of 1 Products and Services