ICP Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) Instruments


For trace multi-element inorganic analyses, our NexION®350 family of ICP mass spectrometers (ICP-MS) opens up whole new worlds of efficiency for environmental, food, biomonitoring, geochemical, and semiconductor laboratories. Measure more in less time, accurately characterize nanoparticles, and choose from a wide range of interference-removal techniques, including those that are ideal for:

  • High-throughput samples with few interferences
  • Samples that require the removal of unknown interferences
  • Applications requiring the best performance with the lowest detection limits

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NexION 350X ICP-MS Spectrometer

The NexION® 350X ICP-MS, with a single-channel Universal Cell, is well suited for general purpose applications that may be susceptible to interferences or analyses where you simply want to remove any unknown interferences.

NexION 350Q ICP-MS Spectrometer

The NexION® 350Q ICP-MS is the ideal solution for simple inorganic analyses requiring no interference-removing correction capabilities, best suited for routine applications requiring high throughput that have few interferences, making it popular in geochemical laboratories.

NexION 350S ICP-MS Spectrometer

The NexION® 350S ICP-MS features a dual-channel Universal Cell that has been optimized for sensitivity. The system uses pure reactive gases to remove any and all interferences with little or no loss of analyte sensitivity, ideal for applications demanding the very best performance and an unprecedented level of interference removal.

NexION 350D ICP-MS Spectrometer

The NexION® 350D ICP-MS features a dual-channel Universal Cell and the ability to use Dynamic Reaction Cell™ technology.

"ICP Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) Instruments" 1-4 of 4 Products and Services