Genomic & Genetic Research


Quickly and accurately assess genomic diversity within a population or disease-related genetic variation through rapid analysis of DNA markers with our comprehensive genotyping solutions.

  • High throughput sample prep & extraction
  • Rapid quantitation of RNA and DNA
  • Customized complex Integrated automation

These solutions give human health researchers valuable insights into human disease states, and empower crop and livestock farmers to increase quality, yield, and sustainability.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Quickly and accurately assess genomic diversity within a population or disease-related genetic variation through rapid analysis of DNA markers with our advanced genotyping solutions.

  • Increased throughput
  • Improved robustness
  • Cost effective, efficient use of sample


These solutions give human health researchers valuable insights into human disease states, and empower crop and livestock farmers to increase quality, yield, and sustainability.


Molecular Biology

Our state-of-the-art molecular biology solutions are empowering a new wave of experiments that unlock the secrets of human development, normal physiology, and disease like never before.
  • Rapidly tease out the genetic and biochemical nuances of cell processes
  • Automate routine manual protocols for increased throughput and sample processing without sacrificing data quality
  • Reduce errors and ensure reproducibility through process simplification and standardization

Next Generation Sequencing

PerkinElmer’s Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation solutions eliminate the processing bottlenecks presented by today’s sequencing technologies. Our automation, microfluidics and informatics platforms enable scientists to process samples start to finish in a user-friendly, easy-to-implement manner.
  • Better sample-to-sample consistency
  • Decreased hands-on time
  • Fewer sample tracking errors
  • Improved productivity

Genomic Services

Spend more time discovering and innovating, and less time on sample processing. No matter if you have a few samples or an entire collection, we offer on-demand sequencing with extensive NGS expertise that can provide rapid run results in only a few weeks.
From extraction to analysis, our Illumina- and Agilent-certified experts assist with upstream sample preparation, library generation and quality control, sequencing, and understanding your results.
High throughput exome, targeted and whole genome sequencing capabilities. CLIA-certified facility. World-class quality and customer service.
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ScanRI MDx Scanner

ScanRI is one of the fastest microarray scanners on the market enabling the capture of images in approximately twenty minutes when scanned at 3 μm resolution.
cell::explorer gene pro

cell::explorer gene pro

A robotic automation platform to increase efficiency and reduce pipetting variability within genomic workflows.
LabChip GX GXII Touch Product

LabChip GX Touch System – Genomic Analysis

DNA and RNA quantitation and sizing can be done in seconds using automated capillary electrophoresis separation. The LabChip® GX Touch system’s microfluidic technology generates reproducible, high-resolution data and is optimal for:
  • NGS library preparation (smear and fragment analysis) and quality control
  • RNA and DNA fragment analysis (including cfDNA, Liquid Biopsy, and PCR-free samples)
  • Quantitation and qualification for CRISPR targeting
  • Replacing and automating time-consuming agarose gel workflows
Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

Zephyr NGS Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 NGS Workstation is a benchtop liquid handler designed to automate preparation of libraries for next generation sequencing and address clinical requirements for the physical separation of pre-and post-PCR processes. The simplified user-interface and integrated hardware maximized laboratory productivity while reducing variability resulting from manual pipetting steps.
LabChip Electrophoresis Pico RNA Reagent Kit

RNA Pico Assay Reagent Kit

The PerkinElmer LabChip RNA Pico Sensitivity Assay provides a fast and high throughput means for RNA quality assessment with RNA qaulity score (RQS). The detection RNA concentration is as low as 250 pg/µL. Contains enough reagent for 500 samples. RNA Chip sold separately.
List Price : 472.00 USD
Assay Release and Labeling Kit

Glycan Profiling Assay Release and Labeling Kit

ProfilerPro® Glycan Profiling Kit designed for the LabChip GXII microfluidic system provides a fast, economically efficient means to assess the main glycoforms of IgG and related proteins.
List Price : 1337.00 USD
LabChip Genomic Microfluidics Chip

DNA 5K/RNA Charge Variant Assay LabChip (LabChip GX Touch 24, LabChip GXII Touch 24)

The DNA 5K/RNA/CZE chip for use on the LabChip GX Touch 24 provides a fast and easy way to analyze DNA and RNA samples. Performing DNA and RNA sample analysis with the LabChip electrophoresis system saves time and money by automating steps for analyzing size and purity, and replaces agarose slab gels, and imaging.
List Price : 637.00 USD

DropletQuant / LabChip DS DropPlate16-S Chips

DropPlate16-S Chips, Box of 30 single-path length chamber chips. Each chip can perform up to 16 sample reads.
List Price : 177.00 USD

DropletQuant / LabChip DS DropPlate96-S Plates

DropPlate96-S Plate, 40 x 96 single-path length chamber sample read plates.
List Price : 1121.00 USD
PerkinElmer Signals ™ for Translational- from bench-to-bedside, Data Analytics for precision medicine.

PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational

PerkinElmer Signals for Translational, brings together all translational data into a single platform – a complete precision medicine solution, from data acquisition to biomarker validation.

Integrate and analyze data across multiple clinical trials, genomic data to identify specific, actionable biomarkers for higher success in Clinical Trials. Create repeatable data analyses for Bench to Bedside Precision Medicine initiatives.

PerkinElmer Signals for Translational - A Cloud-based Translational Research Solution. Precision Medicine Starts Here.

"Genomic & Genetic Research" 1-10 of 10 Products and Services