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Opportunities for plant science to contribute to global food security include increasing the yield and quality of crops, making plants less susceptible to pests and more resistant to herbicides, and enabling maximal crop productivity in sub-optimal growth conditions.

PerkinElmer offers a wide portfolio of solutions for plant genomics research, including automated sample prep with dozens of validated methods. LabChip® automated capillary electrophoresis quickly quantitates DNA/RNA for downstream processing.

In addition, our informatics solutions support crop scientists by providing advanced technology solutions like TIBCO Spotfire® and E-Notebook. These solutions provided the ability to timely track, capture and analyze data in real time - delivering results that will ensure data-driven answers and powerful results

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  • Guide

    Guide to Herb & Spice Adulteration Screening Using NIR

    Food fraud and adulteration has become of particular concern to the industry over the past few years following reports of incidents in the media, with herbs and spices identified as one of the key problem areas. NIR spectroscopy used with the method outlined here can provide a rapid screening technique for detecting adulteration in herbs and spices.

  • Application Note

    Discrimination of Herbal Lifestyle Products Using AssureID SIMCA and COMPARE Algorithms

    Herbal lifestyle products are widely used as alternatives to medicines around the world, with as many as 80% of people using them as a primary source of healthcare in developing countries. These treatments are commonly regarded by scientific papers, and on some occasions the media, as being inferior to orthodox treatment. This is due to the variation between herbal formulations which will not be present in so called ‘single-chemical’ drugs. The reasons for the aforementioned variation involve several factors including storage, environmental conditions, handling and unintentional or intentional contamination (adulteration).

  • Application Note

    Verification of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials using the Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is an important technique for materials checking at various stages of the manufacturing process, but is particularly useful at the raw materials inspection stage. Raw materials come in a variety of physical forms including liquids, gels, and solids, requiring a versatile instrument with convenient, interchangeable sampling modules to cater to the entire range of raw materials encountered.

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  • Consumables (13)
  • Instruments (5)
  • Reagents (47)
  • Software and Informatics (5)
  • DNA/RNA Quantitation (1)
  • DNA/RNA Quantitation and QC (14)
  • Protein Analysis (10)
Product Brand Name
  • DropletQuant / LabChip DS (3)
  • EnSight (1)
  • EnSpire (2)
  • EnVision (1)
  • LabChip GX (12)
  • LabChip GXII (12)
  • LabChip® (1)
  • NEN Radiochemicals (32)
  • Spectrum Two N (1)
Detection Method
  • Absorbance (1)
  • Alpha (1)
  • Fluorescence (1)
  • Image-based Cytometry (1)
  • Luminescence (1)
  • Radiometric (33)
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) (1)
Sample Type
  • DNA / RNA (14)
  • Protein (11)
  • C-14 (8)
  • H-3 (25)
  • 14C (8)
  • 3H (25)
Label Position
  • Generally Labeled (2)
  • Nominally Labeled (15)
  • Specifically Labeled (12)
  • Uniformly Labeled (4)
  • Aqueous (8)
  • Aqueous PT6-271 Stabilizer (2)
  • Ethanol : water (9)
Automation Compatible
  • Yes (2)
  • 0.1 mCi/mL (4)
  • 0.2 mCi/mL (1)
  • 1 mCi/mL (15)
  • 30.0 cm (1)
  • 49.0 cm (2)
Maximum Temperature (Celsius)
  • 40-50 (2)
  • 50-60 (2)
Model Compatible With
  • LabChip GXII Touch 24 (1)
  • LabChip GXII Touch HT (1)
Product Group
  • Instrument (1)
  • Infrared (IR) (1)
  • 0-50 (15)
  • 201-250 (4)

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  • LabChip GX GXII Touch Product

    LabChip GX Touch Nucleic Acid Analyzer

    DNA and RNA quantitation and sizing can be done in seconds using automated capillary electrophoresis separation. The LabChip® GX Touch nucleic acid analyzer’s microfluidic technology generates reproducible, high-resolution data and is optimal for
    • NGS library preparation (smear and fragment analysis) and quality control
    • RNA and DNA fragment analysis (including cell-free (cfDNA), FFPE, liquid biopsy, and PCR-free samples)
    • Quantitation and qualification for CRISPR fragment analysis
    • Agarose gel workflows
  • Migele Gel Electrophoresis Unit 1

    Migele Gel Electrophoresis Unit

    Identify proteins through Isoelectric Gel Electrophoresis.
    List Price : 10700.00 USD
  • LabChip GX GXII Touch Product

    LabChip GXII Touch Protein Characterization System

    The LabChip® GXII Touch protein characterization system provides the complete solution for reproducible quantitation, molecular weight sizing and percent purity analysis of protein samples. Leveraging microfluidic electrophoretic separation technology, the LabChip® GXII Touch system enables rapid characterization with minimal sample preparation setup and sample input volume.
  • EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

    EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

    The EnSight multimode plate reader combines labeled & image-based cytometry technologies in a single benchtop platform. Imaging & online data analysis is fast: a 384-well plate can be imaged in less than 5 mins. The system’s modular design, combined with workflow-based Kaleido data acquisition & analysis software, gives a truly versatile plate reader that gets users productive quickly.
  • Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    Spectrum Two N FT-NIR Spectrometer

    The Spectrum Two N is a high-performance, yet robust and transportable FT-NIR system platform enabling simple, reliable NIR analyses. It’s the perfect system for labs that need to combine high-end performance with the ease-of-use features of a portable instrument, allowing users with different levels of expertise, from novice to seasoned professionals, to be proficient with it in no time.
  • Diclofenac sodium- Phenylacetic acid C14

    Glucose, D-[14C(U)]-, Specific Activity: 250-360 mCi/mmol

    D-glucose, uniformly labeled with C-14. This product is supplied in 90% ethanol. D-glucose can be used for metabolic studies and glucose uptake.
    Price Range : 702.00 USD - 2504.00 USD
  • Diclofenac sodium- Phenylacetic acid C14

    Glucose, D-[6-14C]

    50 µCi quantities of D-[6-14C]-Glucose are available for your research
    List Price : 944.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Glucose, D-[2-3H]-, 1mCi (37MBq)

    1 mCi quantities of tritiated D-glucose are available for your research.
    List Price : 1012.00 USD
  • LabChip Electrophoresis Pico RNA Reagent Kit

    RNA Pico Assay Reagent Kit

    The PerkinElmer LabChip RNA Pico Sensitivity Assay provides a fast and high throughput means for RNA quality assessment with RNA qaulity score (RQS). The detection RNA concentration is as low as 250 pg/µL. Contains enough reagent for 500 samples. RNA Chip sold separately.
    List Price : 516.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Inositol, Myo,-[2-3H(N)]-, Aqueous/Steri-packaged

    Myo-inositol, labeled with tritium. This product is supplied steri-packaged in an aqueous solution. Tritiated myoinositol is commonly used to label lipids.
    Price Range : 1928.00 USD - 4837.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Glucose, D-[5-3H(N)]-, 1mCi (37MBq)

    1 mCi quantities of D-[5-3H(N)]-Glucose are available for your research. 
    List Price : 1635.00 USD
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate 250 µCi

    Inositol, Myo, -[2-3H(N)]-, Specific Activity: 10-25Ci (370-925GBq)/mmol, 250µCi (9.25MBq)

    250 µCi quantities of Myo-[2-3H(N)]-Inositol are available for your research.
    List Price : 788.00 USD
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