Biotinylated Antibodies


Our biotinylated antibodies are pre-validated for use in developing and adapting Alpha no-wash homogeneous assays to detect full-length protein modifications.

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AlphaLISA Biotinylated Anti-Histone H3 (C-ter) Antibody

Biotinylated antibody against the C-terminal end of human histone H3, for use in Alpha no-wash epigenetic assays using full-length histone H3 as substrate.
Price Range : 1075.00 USD - 9700.00 USD

Biotin-anti-H3K79me2 antibody

Biotinylated antibody against human histone H3 that is dimethylated on Lysine 79. This antibody is intended for use in AlphaLISA® no-wash epigenetic assays using DOT1L methyltransferase with oligonucleosome substrates.
Price Range : 1379.00 USD - 25100.00 USD

AlphaLISA Biotin-anti-Histone H4 Antibody

AlphaLISA® biotinylated monoclonal antibody recognizing the amino-terminal end of human histone H4. Broad species cross-reactivity is expected based on sequence similarity. This product is designed to be used with AlphaLISA® Epigenetics Acceptor beads to detect modified full-length histone H4 in homogeneous AlphaLISA assays.
Price Range : 1075.00 USD - 9700.00 USD

"Biotinylated Antibodies" 1-3 of 3 Products and Services