Automated Liquid Handling


With dedicated workstations designed for a diverse variety of applications, along with the ability to customize liquid handling workstations based on your needs, our innovative automated liquid handling solutions enable you to minimize errors, reduce hands-on time, and increase throughput and reproducibility. With flexibility in throughput, capacity and dynamic volume range, high quality manufacturing standards, and outstanding customer service and support, we offer solutions optimized to meet your laboratory’s needs.

From benchtop application-specific workstations to complex customized integrated solutions our liquid handing portfolio automates your science.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

application-focused explorer G3 integrated workstation
application-focused explorer G3 integrated workstation

Automated Robotic Solutions

Custom explorer™ G3 integrated workstations provide innovative laboratory automation solutions which simplify your cellular screening and imaging, high-throughput screening, and genomics-based applications. With complete high-throughput multimode plate detection, high content analysis, and liquid handling portfolios, PerkinElmer is uniquely positioned to understand your scientific and application needs. You can count on us to provide solutions that address the full breadth of your scientific requirements, all from a single source who delivers the application support you need.

Automated Liquid Handling Consumables

PerkinElmer offers a portfolio of robotic certified tips that are specially engineered with the highest degree of uniformity thus providing accuracy in processing high density microplates for high throughput applications. To ensure that our tips meet the most exacting requirements for laboratory automation, each tip goes through a rigorous inspection process before it is certified lab ready.
JANUS G3 Standard MDT with Enclosure
JANUS G3 Standard MDT with Enclosure

Automated Sample Prep


JANUS® G3 Automation Workstations deliver real-time and future adaptability in throughput, capacity, and dynamic volume range from 0.5 μl to 5000 μl for consistent and reproducible sample preparation with a choice of pipetting heads, gripper options, and application accessories for complete, walk-away automation.


Application Specific Workstations

Application specific workstations address the workflow requirements of contemporary drug discovery and diagnostics research, including biotherapeutics, genomics and drugs of abuse detection.

Leverage our application-specific automated workstations to increase efficiency and throughput capability, while reducing variability and tedious manual pipetting steps from particular application workflows. Developed with a keen understanding of the underlying science – and improved upon by customer feedback – these platforms are supported by an applications team with extensive knowledge of these workflows.

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explorer G3 integrated real time PCR workstation

RNA-based High-throughput Expression Analysis Workstation

This explorer G3 integrated real time PCR workstation automates high throughput RNA expression analysis based on real-time PCR.

JANUS G3 MDT Automated Workstation

The JANUS® G3 MDT Automated Workstation offers multiple pipetting technologies on a single instrument platform. The instrument consists of an expanding modular platform and a 96- or 384-channel Modular Dispense Technology (MDT) dispense head, and provides an automated liquid handling solution with flexibility in throughput, plate capacity, and dynamic volume range.
explorer G3 integrated workstation for cell culture and viral amplification

Cell Culture and Viral Amplification Workstation

This automated robotic system is a dedicated workstation for cell culture, cell viability control, and viral protein amplification.
cherry picking workstation with a Class 100 enclosure

Cell Line Screening and Cherry Picking

This integrated robotic system consists of two integrated workstations; one for screening and one subsequent picking of antibody-producing hybridoma cells.
Scalable mounting platforms for automated lab workstations

explorer G3 Integrated Workstation iX Modules

Scalable mounting platforms for automated lab workstations

PerkinElmer’s custom explorer G3 integrated workstations can be built off of two different types of modules. These modules allow different workstations to be built depending upon the on your space requirements, and the types of devices and number of devices that need to be integrated into the system.
Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation

Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 SPE workstation is a simple and efficient liquid handler that automates the critical steps required in high-throughput solid phase extraction (SPE). It is designed to meet the needs of clinical research, forensic, pharmaceutical, and biotech laboratories. Designed to process 96 samples simultaneously with its 96 channel high volume head, the Zephyr G3 SPE workstation can process one plate in approximately 30 minutes.
JANUS G3 Btx Pro-Plus

Flexible JANUS® G3 Automated Workstations

The JANUS® G3 Automated workstations include a portfolio of precision liquid handling solutions that provide adaptability in throughput, plate capacity and dynamic volume range to meet your current and future automation needs.
explorer intergrated workstation enclosure

High-throughput, High Content RNAi Screening

This is a custom explorer G3 integrated siRNA screening workstation for high-throughput screening of small interfering RNAs (siRNA) libraries.
Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

Zephyr® G3 NGS Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 NGS workstation is a benchtop liquid handler designed to automate the construction of 48 to 96 next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries per day. The simplified user-interface and integrated hardware maximize laboratory productivity while reducing variability resulting from manual pipetting.
Twister III Rack View

Twister™ III Robotic Arm

Plate stacking and robotic arm for smaller, benchtop workstations.

Stem Cell Cultivation and Phenotypic Screening

The explorer G3 integrated stem cell cultivation workstation consists of two independent workstations; one for stem cell cultivation and one for the screening of phenotypic assays.

JANUS G3 Varispan + MDT Automated Workstation

The JANUS® G3 Automated Workstation offers multiple pipetting technologies on a single instrument platform. The instrument consists of a modular platform and combines a flexible 4- or 8-tip Varispan™ arm with 96- or 384-channel Modular Dispense Technology™ (MDT) dispense head, providing an automated liquid handling solution with flexibility in throughput, plate capacity, and dynamic volume range.
JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Workstation

JANUS G3 BioTX Pro Workstation

The affordable and compact JANUS® G3 BioTx Pro Automated Workstation enables consistent, time-saving small-scale protein purification and sample preparation for analytical protein characterization required to support quality by design experimentation in both upstream and downstream processes.

Ideal Workstation for:

  • Expression optimization
  • Cell line selection
  • Purification process development
  • Bioanalytical sample preparation
Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

Personalized Zephyr G3 Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 workstation is a compact, cost-effective, multi-channel liquid handler. It is an ideal tool for key applications in compound management, HTS, genomics, proteomics and bioanalytical assays. A custom version of the Zephyr® G3 workstation can be designed to automate many applications including:
  • DNA and RNA clean-ups
  • PCR setup
  • Protein precipitation
  • Solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • Protein purification
  • Solubility assays
  • Plate prep
  • Kinase assays
  • Cell based assays
JANUS G3 Btx Pro-Plus

JANUS G3 BioTX Pro Workstation

Automated liquid handling platform for small-scale protein purification applications.

JANUS® G3 NGS Express Workstation

The JANUS® G3 NGS Express workstation is a benchtop platform designed to simplify and reduce errors in low-to-moderate throughput NGS library construction. It uses an intuitive interface to guide users through protocol selection and deck setup, as well as, displays in-run status and details. An optional enclosure not only helps to minimize sample contamination, but the easy to read status lights provide visual feedback for true walkaway sample preparation.
explorer G3 integrated workstation in a research facility

Multimodule Ultra-High Throughput Screening Platform

This is a custom, multimodule system that was developed to accommodate both ultra-high-throughput screening and high content screening (HCS) in one integrated platform.
explorer G3 integrated workstation for high-throughput ELISA screening

High-throughput AlphaLISA ELISA Alternative Screening Laboratory Automation Solution

This explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation is a fully automated,high-throughput system that incorporates AlphaLISA® technology, a novel, homogeneous, bead-based immunoassay to replace traditional ELISA assays in drug discovery, diagnostics and basic research.
explorer G3 integrated genotyping workstation

Fully Integrated Automated Genotyping

This automated robotic system automates the genetic characterization of mice strains used in antibody production.

Gene Expression Analysis and High Content Screening (HCS)

Today’s academic researcher requires a flexible screening platform to support multiple microplate formats, liquid volume transfer and different read-out methods. For novel systems biology, cancer research and pathway analysis, a platform that supports multiple detection methods and complete automation enables researchers to generate better data results and make more confident decisions.
Sciclone G3 Liquid Handling Workstation

Customizable Sciclone® G3 LiquidHandling Workstations

The Sciclone® G3 workstation is our highly flexible automated liquid handling workstation for drug discovery.

Secondary High Content Screening Workstation

This automated robotic system is a fully automated high-throughput cellular screening platform which supports both high content and conventional multimode readouts.

PlateStak Automated Microplate Handler

Automated handling and storage of microplates and tip boxes
  • Cherry picking
  • Increases disposable tip inventory
  • Plate movement allows fraction collection and whole plate collection
  • Effortless plate transfer
  • Easy microplate loading
  • Cassette versatility
  • Expands capacity of liquid handler
  • Fast and flexible

Sciclone® G3 NGS and NGSx Workstation

The Sciclone® G3 NGS and NGSx workstations area complete benchtop solution for the automated construction of up to or greater than 96 libraries per day.

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are enabling science at unprecedented rates. As the cost of sequencing declines, throughput continues to increase and the number of applications for which sequencing data can be used is expanding. The Sciclone® G3 NGS and NGSx liquid handling workstation was designed for high throughput, walkaway NGS sample preparation. The deck design and intuitive interface virtually eliminate cross contamination and user error. These liquid handlers simplify the construction of up to or greater than 96 libraries per day.

JANUS G3 Btx Pro-Plus

JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Plus Workstation

The JANUS® G3 Bio Tx Pro Plus offers full walk-away automation for high-throughput process development, enabling more data from precious starting materials and limited resources.
explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation

High-throughput 1536 Well Plate Target Discovery Laboratory Automation Solution

This explorer G3 integrated HTS workstation offers versatility needed for high-throughput screening (HTS) processes offering a fully capable integrated screening system designed to automate the entire screening process.

PLATE HANDLER II 110 package

The plate::hander workstation is the newest addition to our portfolio of robotic automation workstations delivering the robust performance of cell::explorer but with a more efficient footprint. All plate::handler workstations can support the integration of up to four (4) devices, and offer plate::works™ , our industry-leading scheduling software, to deliver greater control and management of your application workflows.

plate::works Scheduling and Control Software

Software offering precise control over your laboratory automation processes

plate::works automation control and scheduling software drives laboratory automation throughout the complete discovery process. This solution provides users with a single software interface for lab scheduling and concurrent lab automation applications, including both bench-top and large scale integrated workstations.

"Automation & Liquid Handling Instruments" 1-28 of 28 Products and Services