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Reliable anesthesia systems are essential to running successful preclinical in vivo imaging research studies. Our products include the anesthesia system itself, the manifold, the induction chamber, and replacements for the charcoal filters, nose cones, and rubber stoppers.

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XAF-8 Anesthesia System Filters

XAF-8 Anesthesia System Filters

These isoflurane-absorbing charcoal filters are made for use with XGI-8 Anesthesia System.
List Price : 299.00 USD
RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System & Isolation Chamber

RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System

The RAS-4 Rodent Anesthesia System allows researchers to use real-time in vivo imaging to monitor and record molecular and genetic activity in mice and rats using isoflurane gas.

"Anesthesia Systems" 1-2 of 2 Products and Services