3D Cell Culture & Analysis


3D cell cultures, microtissues, and organoids are increasingly being used to bridge the gap between 2D cell cultures and in vivo animal models. 3D models are more physiologically relevant than biochemical assays and 2D cell cultures, as they more closely represent the microenvironments, cell-to-cell interactions, and biological processes that occur in vivo. They show a higher degree of morphological and functional differentiation – again, similar to in vivo cell characteristics.

Grow, detect, and analyze 3D cell culture with our best-in-class solutions, and begin generating more physiologically relevant data that can power better-informed decisions.


Grow 3D cell culture with speciality microplates

Choose from a range of carefully designed microplate technologies that produce uniform 3D cultures – time after time. We offer a variety of microplates and advanced surface coatings to meet the needs of unique cell types and applications. 
  • PerkinElmer CellCarrier Spheroid Ultra Low Attachment Microplates – Get consistent 3D cellular spheroid formation with minimal cell-plate adhesion, promoting single spheroid formation with robust circular formation. The optically-clear, round bottom produces high-quality imaging results.
  • Insphero GravityTRAP™ ULA Plate – Ideal for long-term cultivation, the SureXchange™ tapered ledge facilitates easy, medium exchange and prevents microtissue loss. The flat-bottom observation chamber enables brightfield microscopy applications and size measurements.
  • GravityPLUS™ Plate - A hanging drop plate for outstanding size consistency, featuring SureDrop™ microtechnology, with variation in diameter of 5% or less across an entire 96-well plate. Hanging drop spheroid formation is recommended for co-culture and primary cells.
  • Insphero GravityPLUS™ Hanging-Drop Spheroid Culture System - A combination of the GravityPLUS™ Plate (formulation of spheroids in a hanging drop plate), and the GravityTRAP™ ULA Plate (for the capture and assay of cells).
3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues from InSphero labeled imaged on the Operetta CLS system
3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues from InSphero labeled imaged on the Operetta CLS system

Detect with sensitive detection and high-content imaging solutions

Our multimode microplate readers and high-content analysis systems, plus innovative reagents, provide you with highly sensitive solutions for 3D cell culture imaging and detection.
  • Opera Phenix™ high-content screening system is the premier confocal solution for 3D high-content screening, enabling fast multichannel 3D acquisition at high image quality.
  • With its unique combination of technologies, the Operetta CLS™ high-content analysis system provides flexibility, sensitivity, and resolution for 3D imaging.
  • With the EnSight multimode plate reader you can monitor the growth and health of your 3D cell cultures by measuring size, shape, and more using image cytometry. Combine imaging with other technologies such as AlphaLISA® to detect secreted proteins.
  • ATPlite™ 3D and ATPlite 1step 3D reagent kits for cell viability and proliferation provide a simple, robust protocol for ATP-content endpoint measurements of 3D spheroids.

Analyze with powerful and intuitive informatics solutions to uncover new insights

Our scientific software and informatics solutions give you the tools to optimize imaging of 3D cell models and then aggregate, search, mine, and visualize critical data - and turn it into actionable insights.
  • Turn data into understanding with the intuitive Harmony™ imaging and analysis software for the Opera Phenix and Operetta CLS systems. Optional PreciScan™ intelligent acquisition lets you pre-scan to locate your sample in the well for significantly reduced acquisition and analysis times.
  • Manage the large amounts of data that high-content analysis generates with Columbus™ image data storage and analysis software. Add cluster computing capabilities for even greater power when acquiring large datasets for working with 3D samples.
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  • CellCarrier (1)
  • EnSight (1)
  • GravityPLUS (2)
  • GravityTRAP (1)
  • Opera Phenix (1)
  • Operetta (1)
  • Operetta CLS (1)

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Operetta High-Content Imaging System

As scientists grapple with increasingly complex biological questions, they need to conduct larger, more complex imaging experiments. So they’re turning to the Operetta® High Content Imaging System – the ideal solution for analyzing the inner workings of healthy and diseased cells.
Operetta CLS High Content Analysis Instrument

Operetta CLS High-Content Analysis System

Uncover deep biological understanding in your everyday assays and innovative applications using the Operetta CLS high-content analysis system. Featuring a unique combination of technologies, the system delivers all the speed, sensitivity and resolution you need to reveal fine sub-cellular details. And with our simple, powerful Harmony 4.5 software, Operetta CLS lets you find even subtle phenotypic changes.

Opera Phenix High-Content Screening System

The Opera Phenix High Content Screening System is the premier confocal solution for today's most demanding high content applications. Drawing on over a decade of experience with the industry-leading Opera® High Content Screening System, the Opera Phenix is designed for high-throughput, phenotypic screening and assays involving complex disease models, such as live cells, primary cells and microtissues.
EnSight multimode plate-reader

EnSight Multimode Plate Reader

The EnSight multimode plate reader combines labeled, label-free* & image-based cytometry technologies in a single benchtop platform. Imaging & online data analysis is fast: a 384-well plate can be imaged in less than 5 mins. The system’s modular design, combined with workflow-based Kaleido data acquisition & analysis software, gives a truly versatile plate reader that gets users productive quickly.

*Label free detection module of EnSight Plate Reader is available outside the EU. Please contact your local representative for further details.

ATPlite 1-step 3D kit

ATPlite 1Step 3D, 10 mL kit

ATP-monitoring luminescence assay for quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of mammalian cells cultured in 3D spheroids. The 1-step format only requires one addition step, and can be used for continuous processing.
List Price : 73.00 USD
ATPlite 3D Kit

ATPlite 3D, 300 assay point kit

ATP-monitoring luminescence assay for quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of mammalian cells cultured in 3D spheroids.
List Price : 142.00 USD
GravityTrap ULA

GravityTRAP™ ULA Plate 96-well, pack of 10

The InSphero GravityTRAP™ Ultra-Low Attachment (ULA) microplate represents a simple, flexible, and automation-compatible platform for the generation, long-term cultivation, observation and testing of scaffold-free 3D microtissue spheroids in 96-well format. Each plate consists of a special non-adhesively coated 96-well sterile-packaged GravityTRAP™ (Tissue Re-aggregation and Assay Plate), and lid.
List Price : 331.00 USD

CellCarrier Spheroid ULA 96-well Microplates

Round bottom, clear 96-well polystyrene microplates coated with Ultra Low Attachment (ULA) surface for 3D culture of mammalian cells. This ULA coating in round-bottom wells facilitates formation of round spheroids after incubating seeded cells.
Price Range : 247.00 USD - 1037.00 USD
Gravity Plus Hanging Drop System

GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System 96-well

The InSphero GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System is a hanging drop two-piece microplate for the generation, long-term cultivation, observation and testing of scaffold-free 3D microtissue spheroids in 96-well format.
Price Range : 506.00 USD - 1516.00 USD
Gravity Plus

GravityPLUS™ Plate 96-well, pack of 10

The InSphero GravityPLUS™ Plate is a microtissue production plate used in the generation of scaffold-free 3D microtissue spheroids in 96-well format. This plate is also used as the upper plate of the GravityPLUS™ Hanging Drop System.
List Price : 1282.00 USD
Harmony Software 1

Harmony High Content Imaging and Analysis Software

Easily quantify complex cellular phenotypes with Harmony high-content analysis software. Harmony software is designed for Operetta, Operetta CLS and Opera Phenix high-content screening systems.
PreciScan intelligent acquisition software lets you first pre-scan at low magnification

PreciScan Intelligent Acquisition

Harness the power of intelligent image acquisition with PreciScan for more efficient high-content imaging and analysis. This optional plug-in for Harmony high-content analysis software enables you to more accurately target your object of interest for significantly reduced acquisition and analysis times, particularly valuable for 3D microtissue and rare event studies.
Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System

Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System

Our Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis system is an instrument agnostic image analysis and management platform. The Columbus system is the only system that provides universal high-volume image data storage and analysis and brings access to images from a wide range of sources including all major high content screening instruments.

"3D Cell Culture & Analysis" 1-13 of 13 Products and Services