AxION DSA (Direct Sample Analysis) System

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From sample to results in seconds! The innovative AxION® DSA™ system brings a whole new level of ease, productivity and enhanced performance to any laboratory. No up-front chromatographic separation, lengthy method development, or sample preparation is needed when using the AxION DSA system. See how some analytical labs are experiencing the DSA difference:

  • Food manufacturers are delivering faster, high quality results to ensure safety and authenticity
  • Forensics screening for drugs is done in seconds, helping decrease sample backlogs and meet critical requirements
    Webinar: Break Through Forensic and Drug Testing Bottlenecks in Seconds with Mass Spec Solutions
  • Environmental agencies can respond more quickly and effectively in detecting harmful contaminants in water and soil
  • Industrial companies are rapidly screening their raw materials to ensure quality and shorten their time to market
  • Pharmaceutical research and development chemists screen new drugs faster for increased efficiency in drug discovery

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Product Details

  • Directly analyze your sample
    • No chromatography
    • Minimal to no sample preparation
    • No method development
    • No loss of sample integrity
  • Results in seconds
    • Fast, accurate data acquisition when coupled to the AxION 2 TOF MS
    • Automated data acquisition for up to 13 solid or liquid samples
  • Accurate data, confident results
    • When coupled to the AxION 2 TOF MS, <2 ppm accurate mass, fast acquisition rate and a wide dynamic range for semi-quantitative analysis
  • Exceptionally sensitive providing measurement of substances in the most complex matrix
    • Enclosed system to prevent background laboratory contamination
    • PerkinElmer patented Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI design) that prevents ion suppression and eliminates metastable ions
    • DSA and TOF are fully integrated and optimally designed to work together
    • No sample carryover enabled by disposable sample holders and fast analysis time
  • Rapid data processing
    • Easy post processing due to measurement of true molecular ions
    • Dedicated target analysis software (AxION Solo) simplifies system operation and data collection.
  • Flexibility to switch between either LC or DSA sample introduction
    • Unique capillary extender allows switching without venting the system in minutes.

Take The Direct Route To Faster, Simpler Analyses. From environmental labs to pharmaceutical companies, food safety to forensics, the AxION DSA TOF promises a breakthrough level of performance and productivity across a broad array of applications.

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