Cyclone Plus Phosphor Imager

Item is discontinued.

Limited quantities of Storage Phosphor Screens available.

Cyclone Plus Storage Phosphor System: The Only Personal Radiometric Phosphor Imager for Quantitative Filmless Autoradiography
Perform high resolution filmless autoradiography of gene arrays, electrophoresis gels, blots, thin layer chromatography samples, and tissue sections right on your benchtop with PerkinElmer's Cyclone® Plus Storage Phosphor System. Our compact, affordable Cyclone Plus imager is fast and easy to use. It provides unsurpassed sensitivity and flexibility for every radiometric imaging application in your lab.

Replace Film Autoradiography with Digitized Phosphor Imaging
High efficiency storage phosphor screens replace autoradiography filmto capture and store the activity of samples, which are exposed in common film cassettes. Cyclone Plus is designed with state-of-the-art confocal optics and a helical scanning system. The unique light collection optical design captures the signal more efficiently for better sensitivity and a wide linear dynamic range. The phosphor screens are scanned by the system's laser focused to less than 50 microns, and the latent image is detected by its optics to create a high resolution digitized image with quantitative data as an image file. The image is displayed on the screen for analysis with OptiQuant™ software and can be printed, exported, and archived for future reference.

Perform Quantitative In Vitro Phosphor Imaging of PET Radioligands
The Cyclone Plus storage phosphor system performs filmless autoradiography of thin layer chromatography samples and tissue sections. The Cyclone Plus has been used successfully for in vitro imaging of tissue sections, to replace traditional film autoradiography with a more efficient and quantitative method.1,2 It is also well-suited for TLC of PET radiopharmaceuticals and can accommodate a large range of different size TLC plates.


System Configuration

C431200Cyclone Plus Storage Phosphor Scanner, no PC, includes OptiQuant software and a choice of carousel

Options & Accessories

Storage Phosphor Screens - Not all types of samples required the same type of performance. A variety of screens are available for use with the Cyclone Plus, optimized for different applications.

  • MS (MultiSensitive) storage phosphor screens are designed for durability, high sensitivity and good resolution. They are available in small, medium and large sizes.
  • SR (Super Resolution) storage phosphor screens are made from the finest grain phosphor crystals for highest resolution. They are available in small, medium and large sizes.
  • TR (Tritium Sensitive) storage phosphor screens are uncoated for the detection of tritium. They are available in small and medium sizes.

Power Cords

  • 1654047- North America
  • 3902150- Japan
  • 1654157- Continental Europe
  • 3901302- United Kingdom/Ireland/Hong Kong
  • 3901396- Israel
  • 3901967- Australia/New Zealand
  • 3902056- Switzerland
  • 09991416- Denmark
  • 09991423- West Asia/India/South Africa

Carousels OptionsChoose at least one of the following carousel sizes and appropriate size screens:

  • 7601017- Small Format Carousel
  • 7600029- Medium Format Carousel
  • 7601015- Large Format Carousel

System Accessories & Printers

  • 70242010- Dell™ GX 620 with Windows XP professional sp2; Pentium 4 processor with 80GB HD; 512 MB SDRAM; 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive; 2 serial ports; 8 USB 2.0 ports; one parallel port; USB mouse and keyboard; Ethernet enabled; 17" LCD monitor
  • 7601017- SMALL FORMAT CAROUSEL For loading small screens. Comes with 7001479 MP MultiPurpose small and 7001482 ST, Super sensitive small screens while supplies last.
  • 7600029- MEDIUM FORMAT CAROUSEL For loading medium screens
  • 7601015- LARGE FORMAT CAROUSEL For loading long screens
  • 7001442- ERASER LIGHT BOX,110 VOLT For erasing screens before re-use
  • 7001444- ERASER LIGHT BOX,220 VOLT For erasing screens before re-use
  • 0100859- FILM CASSETTE, SMALL/MEDIUM20 X 25 cm for exposing samples to small and medium phosphor screens
  • 34 X 43 cm for exposing large samples to long phosphor screens
  • 6011701- SCREEN CLEANER
  • 1520107- 110V multiple outlet strip
  • 1694293- CYCLONE HARDWARE MANUALIncluded with system
  • 1694294- OPTIQUANT SOFTWARE MANUAL (Windows XP)Included with system
  • 7005024- EPSON STYLUS PRINTER-110 VOLT Inkjet-type; prints monochrome or color.
  • 7005032- EPSON STYLUS PRINTER-220 VOLT Inkjet-type; prints monochrome or color.
  • 7001556- HP DESKJET PRINTER, 220V Inkjet-type; prints monochrome or color 2400x1200 DPI near photo quality


For high resolution imaging, Cyclone Plus provides the quantitative images you need for all commonly used radioisotopes, including 3H, 125I, 14C, 35S, 33P, 32P, 18F, and 99mTc.

Typical Applications

  • Fast, high resolution results for any tritium-labeled samplesuse our Tritium Sensitive Phosphor Screens.
  • In vitro imaging of tissue sections—replaces traditional film autoradiography with a more efficient and quantitative method for neurobiology studies.1,2
  • Analysis of PET radiopharmaceuticals—accommodates a large range of different TLC films.
  • Sequencing gels—accommodated by our long Phosphor Screen sizes.
  • Nucleotide metabolism studies—TLC of 32P- and 33P-labeled ATP or GTP.
  • ADME studies—using whole body autoradiography.
  • Traditional Northern, Southern and Western blots—choose NEN® 32P and 33P nucleotides and PerkinElmer hybridization transfer membranes.
  • Gene and protein expression studies - 32P- and 33Plabeled DNA and 14C- and 35S-labeled protein 2D gels.

1 Kumar, J.S. et. al. Synthesis of [O-methyl-11C]1-(2-chlorophenyl)-5- (4-methoxyphenyl)-4-methyl-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid piperidin-1-ylamide: a potential PET ligand for CB1 receptors. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 14 (2004) 2393–2396. 2 Strome, E. et. al. Quantitative in vitro phosphor imaging using [3H] and [18F] radioligands: the effects of chronic desipramine treatment on serotonin 5-HT2 receptors. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 141 (2005) 143–154.