Software – In Vivo Imaging

PerkinElmer offers the most complete software solution for non-invasive in vivo imaging. In vivo imaging systems include the IVIS® platform – utilizing Living Image® Software, Quantum FX microCT, FMT® and the industry’s widest selection of imaging reagents to the pre-clinical research community. 

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DyCE Module - In Vivo Imaging

Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DyCE™) is a new approach to optically based biodistribution analysis and...  View more

Living Image In Vivo Imaging Software

Acquire, Analyze and Discover: 3D Fluorescence and BioluminescenceNo other in vivo imaging software ...  View more

microCT In Vivo Imaging Analysis Software

microCT tools by Analyze is a powerful, comprehensive in vivo imaging software package for multi-dimensional...  View more

Multi-Modality Module for Living Image In Vivo Imaging Software

Tools for Co-RegistrationMultimodality Module Software for Living Image®Co-register Optical data with...  View more