Plate Readers

PerkinElmer offers plate readers with a wide range of modes to meet the diverse application requirements of any lab. Each multimode plate reader features leading detection technologies, so no matter which instrument you choose, you can expect excellent performance for your specific application:

  • EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader - labeled detection and label-free technology on a single benchtop system for richer information about cells or your target of interest.
  • EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader - maximum speed and sensitivity across a range of detection technologies for ultimate performance in high throughput applications.
  • VICTOR™ X Multilabel Plate Reader - reliable, proven solution offering sensitivity and ease of use, ideal for multi-user environments.
  • ViewLux® uHTS Microplate Imager - ultra high speed plate imaging for accelerating the screening of large compound libraries.

new plate readers

EnSpire Multimode Plate Reader
Innovative and high-performance, label to label-free

Today’s multi-user research environments demand flexibility without compromise, and EnSpire Multimode Plate Reader delivers with labeled detection and label-free technology on a single benchtop system.

  • Best-in-class sensitivity and wavelength choice through the combination of filter, monochromator and dichroic mirror
  • High-performance technology such as monochromator-based TRF design
  • First benchtop multimode instrument to feature Corning® Epic®  label-free technology
  • Single-mode reader for researchers who would like to access Alpha Technology with minimal instrument investment

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EnVision Multilabel Plate Readers
The ultimate in multilabel detection

When you’re looking for high throughput, speed and sensitivity with the most flexibility of any plate reader, look to the industry standard, EnVision Multilabel Readers.

  • Choose from 12 technologies
  • Maximum speed and sensitivity with proprietary Direct Optics™ technology
  • Combines filters for sensitivity and monochromators for assay flexibility
  • Laser excitation technology for time-resolved fluorescence modes for the best available TRF performance

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VICTOR X  Multilabel Plate Readers
The original multilabel reader that labs trust

When you need a flexible, easy-to-use and reliable system, choose VICTOR X plate readers. The first multilabel plate reader on the market, VICTOR X reader is an industry favorite.

  • Choose from five technologies, including excellent performance in time-resolved fluorescence and luminescence
  • Powerful, easy-to-use software featuring a ”Start Wizard” for easy protocol creation and pre-programmed application-based protocols
  • Modular design with stacker and dispenser options available
  • Temperature control for assays requiring critical temperatures, e.g., cell-based assays over longer time-courses

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ViewLux uHTS Microplate Imager
The leader in its class

For large compound libraries, the CCD camera-based ViewLux uHTS Microplate Imager gives you speed and throughput without compromising sensitivity.

  • Screens more than 200,000 samples per hour
  • Compact and easy-to-maintain next generation camera with fast, integrated cooling system without vacuum pumping or heated tubes
  • Wide range of assay technologies, including fluorescence, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, TR-FRET and radio-labeled ligands
  • One learning curve regardless of label or assay type, enhancing productivity

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EnSpire® Multimode Plate Readers

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EnVision Multilabel Plate Readers

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VICTOR X Multilabel Plate Readers

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ViewLux uHTS Microplate Imager

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