OnPoint Screening & Profiling

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OnPoint Offers a Complete Solution

Through our global partner, Caliper Discovery Alliances & Services (CDAS), we can deliver an end-to-end solution, from a full high-throughput screen to selectivity profiles for the early anticipation of physiological or clinical effects. PerkinElmer can develop the assay according to your needs, and CDAS can perform the screening or profiling study.

CDAS's professionals possess the knowledge and training to execute your assay with PerkinElmer reagents and instruments accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.

Using our reagent and instrument platforms, CDAS can perform:

  • High- or medium-throughput screening and profiling
  • Toxicology and selectivity screening
  • Radioligand binding assays
  • Other screening and profiling services

When you need to extend your research and development team, choose OnPoint. We're dedicated to helping your scientists pursue their core mission: achieving breakthroughs in research and discovering the drugs of tomorrow.

For more information about screening and profiling services, please visit our partner Caliper Discovery Alliances & Services (CDAS).