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Your Reagents Made to Order

Whatever the assay you have in mind, you need the right technologies for your target. We can custom label your peptide, antibody, or protein substrate or nucleotide so you can develop the assay you need. If you prefer, we can even perform the assay development for you. 


Custom Labeling of Proteins and Peptides

So you can develop your specific assay, your protein, antibody or peptide can be labeled for the following technologies:

Custom Fluorescence- and Hapten-Labeled Nucleotides

PerkinElmer offers one of the world's most extensive lines of fluorescent- and hapten-labeled nucleotides for applications such as differential gene expression analysis on microarrays, SNP analysis and in situ hybridization. We can accommodate the needs of your laboratory with larger package sizes, special buffers, analog concentrations and other custom modifications of our products.

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