Microplates matter. PerkinElmer offers you the very same microplates we use to develop and validate our assay reagents and instruments. If you want to achieve optimal results in your Alpha Technology, TR-FRET, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorbance, Cell Culture, Label-free Hight Content or Radiometric assay, use PerkinElmer microplates.

Please use the Microplate Selector tool below to find the ideal PerkinElmer microplate for your instrument, application or assay.

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Don't waste time with generic plates from manfacturers who don't understand your science: choose plates developed and tested with your application in mind. High Quality microplates manufactured by the instrument and assay expert will give you better results, time after time. You'll find the type, size and color you need for any assay application, detection technology and any plate reader.

We also offer microplate lids, polypropylene microplates for compound storage, plate seals, microplates for filtration and scintillation counting, FlashPlate and CytoStar-T scintillant-coated microplates, microplates for DELFIA and ELISA assays, microplate seals and supplies, and custom coating, package and barcoding services for microplates.

All PerkinElmer microplates are designed to deliver important benefits such as low background, optimum light transmission and minimal crosstalk. We believe that better microplates mean better results. Why trust your precious samples to generic microplates?

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Microplates by Application

We offer a variety of microplates for a wide range of applications. The correct selection of a microplate...  View more

1/2 AreaPlate

Introducing PerkinElmer's ½ AreaPlate, offering same well depth at half the size to help you miniaturize your...  View more

3D Cell Culture and Assay Plates

Add another Dimension to your research - Cells grown in 3D micro-environment can deliver more realistic...  View more


Introducing PerkinElmer's exclusive AlphaPlate, designed specifically for AlphaLISA and AlphaScreen...  View more

CellCarrier Spheroid ULA Microplates

Our CellCarrier Spheroid ULA microplates enable the use of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture models...  View more

CellCarrier Ultra Microplates for High Content Screening

To get better results from your high content imaging system you need a better imaging microplate. Drawing...  View more


Introducing PerkinElmer's exclusive CellCarrier™ microplates, engineered specifically for the Opera ...  View more


The CulturPlate is PerkinElmer's Microplate designed for cellular assays, tissue culture treated and...  View more

Cytostar-T™ Scintillating Microplates

CytoStar-T scintillating microplates are designed for non-invasive quantitation in real-time analysis...  View more


DELFIA assays can be performed using either yellow Microplates or antibody coated Microplates. Critical factors...  View more

EnSpire Label-free Enabled Microplates

The EnSpire® label-free platform includes specially designed optical microplates for both cellular...  View more


PerkinElmer's uniquely designed FlashPlate™ is a white polystyrene microplate, designed for high-volume,...  View more

Flexible Microplate

Flexible plates are designed for PerkinElmer's MicroBeta liquid scintillation counter, and give the...  View more

IsoPlate Microplates

PerkinElmer's uniquely designed IsoPlates come in 96-well format and are very versatile. The IsoPlate...  View more


PerkinElmer's uniquely designed LumaPlates come in 96-well (shallow or deepwell) and 384-deepwell format....  View more


OmniFilter Plates assemblies designed for Isotopic and filtration assays in PerkinElmer's TopCount ...  View more

OnPoint Custom Microplate Services

As part of PerkinElmer's OnPoint Reagent Services, we can custom coat or barcode our microplates to ...  View more


The OptiPlate is one of the most versatile Microplates offered by PerkinElmer, used in many different...  View more


PicoPlates are designed for PerkinElmer's TopCount liquid scintillation counter instrument, which gives...  View more


PolyPlates are the 384-well plate designed for PerkinElmer's TopCount liquid scintillation counter instrument,...  View more


The ProxiPlate is PerkinElmer's shallow well Microplate, offering closer proximity to the analyzer's...  View more

Sciclone G3 NGS Workstation Application Consumable Kits

Take the hassle out of buying NGS consumables for your Sciclone® G3 NGS workstation with customized ...  View more


These radiometric microplates are white walled, clear bottomed plates with scintillant embedded into...  View more


Our SpectraPlates™ are transparent polystyrene plates that can be used for either top-reading or bottom-reading...  View more


StorMats are produced from research grade silicone and are all fully autoclavable allowing their re-use,...  View more


The StorPlate Microplates are PerkinElmers' (polypropylene) compound storage plate, used for reagent...  View more


PerkinElmer offers a variety of plate sealing products for use with your PerkinElmer microplates. TopSeal™...  View more


PerkinElmer's uniquely designed UniFilter 96-well and NEW 384-well microplate for isotopic, filtration...  View more


Introducing PerkinElmer's ViewPlate Microplates engineered for bottom reading systems, like the OPERA,...  View more


PerkinElmer's uniquely designed VisiPlates come in 24-well format only and are very versatile. The...  View more