Maternal and Fetal Health Monitoring

PerkinElmer offers comprehensive methods for assessing the well-being of both mothers-to-be and fetuses.

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Instrument Platforms

PerkinElmer offers three alternative platforms for maternal and fetal health monitoring. Random access,...  View more


PlGF is promising in pre-eclampsia early detection.Pre-eclampsia is a disorder of placental origin expressed...  View more

Prenatal Risk Assessment for ONTD and Trisomy Disorders

PerkinElmer works directly with health care providers, supplying screening platforms, assay kits and...  View more

Preterm Birth

Worldwide statistics reflect that as many as 13 million babies are born prematurely each year, and ...  View more

Thyroid Screening, Diagnosis and Monitoring

A complete panel of Wallac DELFIA® and AutoDELFIA™ kits for assessment of thyroid function analytes...  View more