Ideal for HTS and ultra HTS, LANCE biochemical TR-FRET assays are sensitive, homogeneous and easy to use.

A history of innovation

The first company to commercialize europium-based TR-FRET, PerkinElmer is actively evolving TR-FRET’s performance as well as its applications. We have over 30 years’ experience in defining, synthesizing and optimizing Europium chelate and chelate-based bioanalytical assays.

A clearer signal

TR-FRET assays combine the advantages of time resolution (TR) with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) principles, using donor and acceptor fluorophore labels. When the two fluorophore labels are brought together, energy can be transferred from donor to acceptor. As a consequence, excitation of the donor fluorophore will result in emission from the acceptor fluorophore when the fluorophores are in close proximity (~ 9 nm or less). The level of light emitted from the acceptor fluorophore is proportional to the degree of donor-acceptor complex formation.
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A choice of platforms

PerkinElmer offers two TR-FRET platforms: the original LANCE (Lanthanide Chelate Excite) and the next-generation LANCE Ultra. Both use europium (Eu) chelate donor dyes, but have different acceptor fluorophores:

ULight™ acceptor dye (LANCE Ultra): Small dye (<800 Da), ideal for direct coupling/direct labeling of molecules of any size (including small molecules and peptides), reduced steric hindrance to labeled molecule, excellent for enzymatic assays using directly-labeled substrates

SureLight® APC acceptor dye (LANCE): Larger dye (>100,000 Da) derived from a light-harvesting protein, can act as large antenna, ideal for indirect assays that span wider distances, excellent for protein-protein interactions

LANCE TR-FRET assay using LANCE Europium and SureLight® APC

U Light
LANCE TR-FRET assay using LANCE Europium and ULight dye.

A wide variety of applications has been studied using LANCE TR-FRET technology, including kinase assays, GPCR activation, protein-protein binding, protein-nucleic acid binding, protein-small molecule binding, receptor-ligand binding, nuclear receptors, receptor dimerization, post-translational modifications, biomarker assays, proteases, and more.

For a total solution, we offer a range of automation and detection systems, such as the VICTOR™ Multilabel Plate reader, optimized for use with our assays and reagents.

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