Labeling & Detection Consumables


Autoradiography Enhancers

PerkinElmer Fluorography Products EN3HANCE Autoradiography Enhancer Requires no dehydration - simplified...  View more

Hybridization Transfer Membranes

PerkinElmer's nylon membranes are available both positively charged or neutral, in sheets, rolls, or...  View more

MicroBeta Accessories

Optimize your MicroBeta2 and MicroBeta2 LumiJET with a variety of optional accessories such as cassettes,...  View more

MicroBeta Consumables

Choose from a variety of consumables for your MicroBeta Radiometric and Luminescence detection systems.  View more


Microplates matter. PerkinElmer offers you the very same microplates we use to develop and validate ...  View more


Determination of 14C and 3H content using sample combustion in a PerkinElmer Sample Oxidizer has gained worldwide...  View more


PerkinElmer Phos-trap™ allows for efficient phosphopeptide enrichment from complex biological samples...  View more


PerkinElmer provides 3H and 14C standard sets for testing PerkinElmer’s scintillation counter performance,...  View more


PerkinElmer supplies an extensive range of glass and plastic counting vials, caps, holders and sample...  View more