LabChip® Systems


With nearly 20 years of microfluidics experience, PerkinElmer continues to lead the industry in microfluidics technologies and innovations. Whether your research is focused on protein structure, genomic analysis, or compound screening, PerkinElmer has developed transforming instrumentation that leverage the benefits of microfluidics technology, improving data quality and accelerating your research.


LabChip® Discovery

The LabChip EZ-Reader mobility shift assay (MSA) based drug discovery system has revolutionized enzymatic...  View more

LabChip® Fractionation

The LabChip XT and XTe fractionation systems perform fast, automated nucleic acid fractionation accurately...  View more

LabChip® Molecular Diagnostics

Advances in molecular and cell biology have provided us with an understanding of the mechanisms of disease...  View more

LabChip® Separation

The LabChip GX family of instruments is the most advanced nucleic acid and protein separations system...  View more

LabChip® Spectral Analysis

The LabChip DS is the newest member of the Labchip product family. The LabChip DS (made by Trinean) ...  View more

Reagents & Chips for LabChip®

PerkinElmer's LabChip instruments are supported by a complete portfolio of chips and reagents that ...  View more