Newborn Screening Instrument Platforms

PerkinElmer platforms for dried blood spot assays include the GSP Genetic Screening Processor and the AutoDELFIA automatic immunoassay system. These automatic systems based on sensitive DELFIA chemistry are fed with microplates prepared by one of our broad selection of punching devices.

DELFIA assays may alternatively be performed manually, with measurement by the Wallac VICTOR2 D fluorometer.

Our isoelectric focusing (IEF) platform is the RESOLVE system supported with the IsoScan gel imaging system.

For extended newborn screening programs, PerkinElmer's MSMS system for newborn screening is based on the Waters Quattro micro mass spectrometer.

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AutoDELFIA automatic immunoassay system

The AutoDELFIA Plate Processor is an automatic immunoassay system widely used in newborn screening laboratories....  View more

DBS Punching Devices

For dried blood spot samples, PerkinElmer offers semi-automatic or fully automatic punching devices...  View more

Gel Imaging System for IEF

Interpretation of gels is aided by the IsoScan imaging system.  View more

GSP® - Genetic Screening Processor

The GSP® is a high throughput batch analyzer intended for quantitative or qualitative measurement of...  View more

IEF Systems

For diagnostic testing for hemoglobinopathies our RESOLVE IEF system allows positive identification ...  View more

MSMS Systems: Neonatal Screening

PerkinElmer is a specialist in the application of tandem mass spectrometry in expanded newborn screening...  View more

Sebia® CAPILLARYS 2 Neonat Fast Screening System

The Sebia® CAPILLARYS 2 Neonat Fast™ system is now available as part of PerkinElmer’s total newborn ...  View more

Semi-Automatic Immunoassay System

For semi-automatic performance of DELFIA assays and other newborn screening assays, all needed assay...  View more

VICTOR™ EnLite™ fluorometer

1420 VICTOR™ EnLite™ fluorometer is a compact bench top unit designed for the detection of Time-Resolved...  View more