Instrument Platforms

PerkinElmer offers three alternative platforms for maternal and fetal health monitoring. Random access, batch processing or semi-automatic - each of the platforms allows you to benefit from the high analytical sensitivity of the DELFIA chemistry.

DELFIA® Xpress* is a random access, compact bench-top instrument. It is ideal in both antenatal clinics and hospital laboratories, providing serum biochemistry results at the time when you need them. DELFIA Xpress features complete barcoding of reagents and supports sample barcoding to assure positive identification.

Wallac AutoDELFIA® is a cost-effective batch analyser ideal in a high throughput environment. All you have to do is load and start the instrument and then leave it to carry on alone. It will perform all operations automatically and give final results either by analyte or patient.

Wallac VICTOR2 D is a manual reader, which is supported by a complete set of optimised sample handling instruments. It provides an excellent alternative for labs requiring a less automated option for DELFIA assays.

* Not available in the USA

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