In Vivo Programs

PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services in vivo compound evaluation programs are research solutions enabling pharmaceutical and biotech companies to reduce costs while accelerating the pace and clinical relevance of drug discovery research. PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services strategy is to provide its clients with novel products, services, and applications in order to identify new, effective drugs while minimizing the risk of adverse effects associated with those drugs.

PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services in vivo drug development programs offer highly specialized and customized studies for in vivo non-invasive optical imaging, drug safety/efficacy evaluation, and biodistribution studies. Client studies rely on in-house, well-established oncology animal models and/or on animal disease models commercially available or supplied by our clients. Our programs are designed to facilitate the identification and validation of therapeutic targets/compounds, and the early detection of potential side effects associated with such targets or compounds.

To maximize the outcome of drug evaluation in animal models, we assist our clients to design specific, cost-effective studies in order to determine conventional parameters such as maximum tolerated dose, pharmacokinetic profile, and chronic toxicity that are essential to determine dosing concentration and frequency. PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services complete in vivo custom assay development services are tailored to each client's specific study needs. Our scientific team will assist you at every step of the study; from experimental plan design to data analysis and preparation of a detailed scientific study report.

PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services in vivo Program Services


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