In Vivo Imaging Reagents

PerkinElmer’s comprehensive suite of fluorescent and bioluminescent in vivo imaging reagents enables unmatched imaging of a broad range of disease-related biomarkers and pathways in your research models.

Our fluorescent agents and labels are optimized for use in the full range of PerkinElmer optical in vivo imaging systems (IVIS®, FMT® and Maestro™), as well as other fluorescence microscopy systems and many in vitro and cell based systems. There are three families of fluorescent imaging agents- Activatable, Targeted, and Vascular agents.

PerkinElmer offers bioluminescent cell lines covering a range of cancer models, including breast, colorectal, lung and prostate as well as lymphoma. Bioware Ultra cell lines, created using the luciferase (luc2) vector. All cell lines meet the highest standards and are confirmed pathogen free. The in vitro growth rates of these cell lines are similar to their parental lines and the stability of reporter expression is tested for a minimum of four weeks.

PerkinElmer's light producing microorganisms can be used to non-invasively track bacterial growth in vivo in acute and chronic infection models like pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis and biofilm infections. PerkinElmer offers a range of relative Gram positive and Gram negative pathogenic bacteria expressing bacterial luciferase.

In Vivo Reagents FAP and Bioware

(Left) MMP and cathepsin activity in 4T1 tumors by MMPSense 680 and ProSense 750EX. (Right) GL261-luc2 glioma imaged using the IVIS Spectrum and microCT co-registration with Quantum FX


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