In Vivo Imaging & Analysis

PerkinElmer offers a complete solution toolset for non-invasive, in vivo imaging. Our pre-clinical in vivo imaging systems include the IVIS platform, Quantum GX microCT, FMT and PET imaging systems as well as the industry’s widest selection of imaging reagents.

IVIS Spectrum Series
IVIS Lumina Series III
Quantum microCT
FMT Series
PET Series
SpectrumBLLumina XRMSQuantum GX microCTFMT1000G4
SpectrumLumina K
SpectrumCTLumina III

Lumina LT


Our systems and reagents enable researchers in the pre-clinical imaging community to achieve their goals in uniquely understanding biology in physiological context. From basic research models to clinically translatable applications, PerkinElmer’s in vivo community publishes on a daily basis with over 4,000 papers in peer reviewed journals, covering almost all therapeutic applications in bioluminescence, fluorescence, tomography and multimodal imaging.

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Interested in non-invasive, small animal imaging?  Visit our In Vivo University to learn about imaging techniques, therapeutic animal models, training opportunities, targeted probes and reagents for in vivo imaging or contact us to

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