In Vitro Profiling and Screening Services

Why PerkinElmer for Your In Vitro Service Needs?

Advancing lead candidates through your next phase of drug discovery and development requires a robust analysis of target selectivity and safety profiling.

As an outsourcing provider, PerkinElmer provides a variety of profiling panels and safety pharmacology assays along epigenetic profiling services and oncology cell line screening. Outsource with an experienced scientific team that will help you make decisions to:

  • Reveal results for early safety assessment
  • Reduce safety-related drug attrition
  • Refine compound selectivity and advance lead candidates


How Do I Get Started?

From consult to results, partnering with PerkinElmer’s Contract Research Services will give you confidence in achieving your results.

Browse our portfolio of assay and panel offerings and register for a free consultation to inquire about the services you are seeking or what scientific goals you are aiming to achieve.

A contract research services business development specialist will contact you within 48 hours to provide you a consultation on the best path forward to ensure your needs are delivered.

After the consultation, our specialist will walk your through the process of submitting your sample/compound for analysis.

In Vitro Profiling and Screening Services Portfolio

A variety of pre-formatted panels and optional assays can be accessed through our services menus whether you are interested in selectivity screening, lead optimization, or early safety assessment for regulatory requirements.

Target classes:
Cytochrome P450– Critical for drug metabolism, profile with our regulatory panel to investigate response from FDA recommended tests. Learn More

Safety Pharmacology – Assess general side effects of your candidates with our comprehensive panel of robust LeadScreener assays chosen by credible sources which will assist in reducing safety related attrition. Learn More

Kinase – Determine kinase selectivity of your compounds in a kinetic or endpoint assay format. Learn More

A range of both biochemical and cell-based assays

Biochemical – select from a range of radioligand binding assays and enzyme assays available for a variety of targets. Assay information and specifications are detailed on individual assay pages.

Cell-based – Testing of your candidates in cellular conditions provide functional information to help advance your decision making. Test your compounds against a full complement of cancer cell lines or look for specific epigenetic fingerprinting in a cellular environment. Learn More.


CancerScreen Panel Services

Our CancerScreen™ Program offers a large collection of cancer cell lines. Cell lines are of human origin...  View more

Complete Assay Services List

Below is our complete list of assays available from PerkinElmer's Contract Research ServicesTarget ClassAssay...  View more

Cytochrome P450 Assay and Panel Services

Metabolism related drug-drug interactions play an important role in the high attrition rate observed...  View more

Cytokine & Chemokine Secretion Assay Services

Our cell-based secretion assays determine the activating or inhibitory potential of compounds by measuring...  View more

Epigenetics Assay and Panel Services

Cellular signaling cascades that involve epigenetic modifications that go awry often are the cause of...  View more

GPCR Assay Services

G-protein coupled receptors represent a significant class of therapeutic targets for drug discovery ...  View more

Kinase Assay and Panel Services

Development of a drug that selectively targets and suppresses one of the hundreds of kinases involved...  View more

LeadScreener Assay and Panel Services

Identification of off-target interactions at the earliest stage of drug discovery has proven to be a...  View more

Miscellaneous Enzymes Assay Services

Enzymes act as the machinery of living cells; they both build up (metabolic) and tear down (catabolic)...  View more

Nuclear & Membrane Receptor Assay Services

Nuclear receptors are a class of proteins that are responsible for recognizing the presence of steroid...  View more

Phosphodiesterase Assay Services

Phosphodiesterase enzymes are a unique family of enzymes and as such have recently been recognized as...  View more

Transporter & Ion Channel Assay Services

Ion channels and transporters are integral proteins are proteins involved in the movement of molecules...  View more