Cellular Imaging and Analysis Software

Working with images requires robust analytical technology and efficient ways to manage terabytes of data. You need to acquire, restore, visualize and quantify your image data, then safely share and store it – with quick access for re-analysis again and again. PerkinElmer has developed sophisticated image analysis software to help you perform these tasks more effectively and efficiently, so you can spend more time discovering.

Volocity® 3D Image Analysis Software

Whether you use confocal microscopes, wide field systems or high content imagers, Volocity image analysis software lets you quickly and easily visualize, analyze and validate your fluorescence image data in 3D. Make discoveries and answer complex questions that you could not before with 3D image analysis.

  • Visualize samples in 3D so they can be viewed from any angle for a more complete picture
  • Measure shapes, volumes and distances with precision
  • Relate cellular structure to function and identify trends for a greater understanding
  • Greatly improve your image and data quality with powerful restoration

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A rat liver visualized in 3D using Volocity software

Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System

The Columbus system provides high-volume image data storage and analysis of images from almost any high content screening system.

  • Import images from any major high content screening system, including the Opera and Operetta high content imaging systems, for a single solution to data storage and analysis
  • Allow everyone in the lab to access, visualize and analyze image data from anywhere
  • Analyze all your high content image data using the Columbus system for consistency of analysis and better quality results
  • Includes powerful yet easy-to-use image analysis and secondary analysis tools

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Cell segmentation using the Columbus system’s powerful image analysis capabilities


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