Histological Analysis

Multispectral Analysis of Biomarkers in Tissue Sections

Biomarkers are widely used in disease diagnosis, prevention, patient selection, drug safety/efficacy, and mechanism of action studies. With today's biological imaging demands, quantitative, multiplex biomarker data analysis in intact tissue sections plays a pivotal role in studying complex biological systems. Multispectral imaging will provide the opportunity to monitor the expression of multiple biomarkers of interest simultaneously and on one single tissue slide. As such, multispectral biomarker analysis will enable researchers to perform faster, more cost-effective studies while extracting more clinically-relevant information from even very small amounts of precious samples.

PerkinElmer's Contract Research Tissue Services offer high quality multiplex biomarker analysis tools including immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) assays suitable for drug efficacy/safety, biomarker discovery and analysis in addition to multiplex fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) assays for genetic characterization studies. We also offer a wide variety of fully optimized tissue microarray (TMA) and biomarker services suitable for oncology studies, as well as a broad array of tissue stains. Our noninvasive in vivo imaging service platform strongly complements our histology and immunohistochemistry services.

PerkinElmer's Contract Research Services Tissue Product Line of Services


  • Multispectral biomarker discovery, validation, and analysis on a per-cell basis
  • Identification and analysis of signal transduction pathways
  • Genetic characterization studies
  • Patient stratification / selection for trials
  • Prognostic studies / predictive tests
  • Drug response / safety and efficacy studies
  • Toxicology studies
  • Cancer research
  • Vessel counting
  • Mitosis counting
  • Sentinel lymph node tests
  • Gleason pattern assessment
  • Transplant rejection
  • Stem cell research


  • Single and multiplex IHC, IF analysis (whole slide, regions of interest)
  • FISH detection
  • All in the same tissue section / all with intact morphology
  • High sensitivity (when signals are weak and / or obscured by autofluorescence)
  • Rapid data turnaround time
  • Robust and reproducible results
  • Custom assay development and companion services
  • High-throughput slide acquisition



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