High Content Screening Systems

High Content Screening allows scientists to image more samples and analyze more parameters so that they can answer complex biological questions.

To advance your research with high content screening, you need flexible, effective higher throughput solutions that make it easier to generate the unbiased, statistically relevant data you need to take your research further, faster than ever before.

Our high content imaging systems deliver complete analysis capabilities for a wide range of applications, from basic research to assay development and screening.


Operetta® High Content Imaging System

The Operetta system is designed for biologists by biologists. It is ideal for those looking for the verification that high content analysis affords, but without a demand for ultra high throughput.

  • Easy to operate system, making it well suited to a multi-user, multi-department environment
  • Intuitive Harmony® high content analysis software makes it easy for biologists to turn their biology into unbiased quantitative data
  • Stunning image quality for high quality data and reliable results
  • Suitable for a wide range of fixed and live cell applications

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New! Opera Phenix™ High Content Screening System

The Opera Phenix HCS System is the premier confocal solution for today’s most demanding high content applications, from high-throughput phenotypic screening to using complex disease models, such as primary cells and microtissues. It provides speed and sensitivity - no compromise.

  • Generate richer information through extremely sensitive confocal imaging and at higher throughput than ever through simultaneous acquisition – without the issue of crosstalk
  • Proprietary Synchrony™ Optics minimize spectral crosstalk during fast simultaneous confocal imaging
  • Up to four large format sCMOS cameras and simultaneous acquisition in up to four channels, so you can generate images of exceptional quality - faster than ever
  • Widefield or confocal imaging modes depending on you assay requirements
  • Modular design to adapt to your changing application needs – choose from single, dual or four camera configurations with four solid state lasers or a five laser system optimized for FRET applications
  • Harmony® High Content Imaging and Analysis Software with its intuitive workflow user-interface guides you through the entire process, from acquisition to analysis and evaluation

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Operetta and Opera Phenix

Operetta High Content Imaging System (left) and Opera Phenix High Content Screening System (right).

cell::explorer™ Automation Platform

Drawing on PerkinElmer’s liquid handling expertise, this robotic automation platform for high content screening applications increases speed and dramatically reduces well-to-well variance during assay preparation and plate incubation.

  • Improves throughput and data quality
  • Ready-to-run automation solution that seamlessly integrates with the Opera High Content Screening System
  • Flexibility to support a wide range of high content screening assays and to be adapted to changing needs
  • Easy control with plate::works™ high throughput screening scheduling software

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Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System

The Columbus system provides high-volume image data storage and analysis of images from almost any high content screening system.

  • Import images from any major high content screening system for a single solution to data storage and analysis
  • Allow everyone in the lab to access, visualize and analyze image data from anywhere
  • Analyze all your high content image data using the Columbus system for consistency of analysis and better quality results
  • Includes powerful yet easy-to-use image analysis and secondary analysis tools

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New! High Content ProfilerTM, powered by TIBCO Spotfire®

The High Content ProfilerTM, powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, allows scientists to transform their high content screening data into actionable biological conclusions - in mere minutes

  • Perform your entire screening data analysis and validation on a single platform, saving valuable time and reducing costs
  • Take advantage of the most advanced statistics, classification, and machine learning methods on the market
  • Implement exhaustive QC analyses, calculate reliable normalization, perform multivariate hit stratification and drug response profiling - with 1 click
  • Gain immediate insights with real-time, dynamic visualization analytics

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Microplates optimized for High Content Screening

To get better results from your high content screening system, you need the better imaging microplates. Drawing on many years of experience in high content screening, PerkinElmer's expert team has developed and validated a range of microplates for HCS applications, including the CellCarrier™ Ultra 384-well microplates in black for optimal performance in high content imaging applications.

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Fluorescent Reagents for High Content Screening

With HCA ImagAmp™, you can see what was previously undetectable in your high content screening immunofluorescence assays. Achieve unprecedented sensitivity without compromising image resolution, improve reliability and conserve primary antibody.

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Acapella® High Content Imaging and Analysis Software

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cell::explorer Automated HCS System

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Opera High Content Screening System

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Opera Phenix High Content Screening System

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Operetta High Content Imaging System

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