Arnel-GC Engineered Solutions

Our Arnel-GC Engineered Solutions offer today’s laboratories the most complete line of analytical systems, which include reliable instrumentation and the service/support needed to run chromatographic analyses successfully. From refinery gas analyzers to simulated distillation, we offer a variety of standard analyzers and custom solutions that enable customers to meet their industry’s regulatory requirements.

Standard Systems that Work “Out-of-the-box”

  • Nearly 100 standard analyzers and products that deliver results per the relevant ASTM, UOP, ISO and EN methods
  • True turnkey, plug and play systems that enable immediate productivity
  • Simple valve installations to highly automated analyzers and systems for quality control and data analysis

Turnkey Custom Analyzers

  • Custom solutions that are designed based on customer application requirements, from simple valve configurations and modifications of standard systems to complex custom analyzers
  • Fully integrated systems for refining, petrochemical, natural gas, power, gas suppliers and other key markets

Whatever your analytical and regulatory requirements are, our experts can evaluate your specific needs to configure an analyzer that is designed and tested with guaranteed method detection limits, and enables immediate productivity.

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Custom Engineered Analyzers

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Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzers

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GC Engineered Software Solutions

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Natural Gas Analyzers

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Refinery Gas Analyzers

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Simulated Distillation Analyzers

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Sulfur/Trace Sulfur Analyzers

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Transformer Oil Gas Analyzers

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