Elemental Analysis Consumables & Accessories

Genuine PerkinElmer accessories specifically designed for your PerkinElmer Elemental Analyzer


PerkinElmer offers a wide selection of superior quality products designed to work with your PerkinElmer Elemental Analyzer. Our precision designed products deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you'll get the results you need.

2400 Series II Analysis Mode Kits
The 2400 Series II offers multiple analysis options: CHN, CHNS or Oxygen mode. As a user, you may choose one or more options to meet your laboratories needs. Analysis Mode Kits supply all the necessary items to changeover to a different mode of operation. The optional Column Switching Accessory (CSA) makes switching to the Oxygen mode very convenient.

2400 Tubes and Reagent Kits
Convenient Consumable Kits simplify ordering and eliminate waste. Kits contain the necessary tubes, reagents and capsules for a defined quantity of runs. Reordering is easy and predicting annual costs is straightforward.

Every genuine PerkinElmer reagent is designed specifically for your PerkinElmer instrument and will assure consistent, accurate results. Their high quality has been demonstrated in PerkinElmer instruments all over the world, for a wide variety of applications.

PerkinElmer tubes are composed of high purity fused quartz, with a low thermal expansion rate. This along with our stringent dimension specifications guarantees the integrity of your system. All tubes are pressure-tested to insure your safety.