Elemental Analysis

When labs look for rock solid results in CHNS/O Analysis, this is where they look. Depend on PerkinElmer reliability and flat-out performance. And count on our experienced support and ready-to-ship consumables. How can we help you?

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2400 Series II CHNS/O System

The PerkinElmer 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer is one of the leading organic elemental analyzers...  View more

AD 6000 Ultra Microbalance

If you're weighing samples from a few micrograms to a gram, the PerkinElmer® AD 6000 Autobalance can...  View more

Column Switching Accessory

Highly recommended for use with the Oxygen Analysis Kit P/N N2410513.  View more

Elemental Analysis Consumables & Accessories

Genuine PerkinElmer accessories specifically designed for your PerkinElmer Elemental Analyzer - PerkinElmer...  View more

Products for Elemental Analysis

Depend on PerkinElmer reliability and flat-out performance.  View more