Disposable Tips, Consumables & Accessories

PerkinElmer offers a wide array of disposable tips, consumables and accessories for the JANUS® Automated Workstation. We offer sterile and non-sterile tips for a variety of dispense channel sizes and volume requirements, as well as tips to support liquid transfers from multiple laboratory containers including test tubes, vials, troughs, deep-well plates and microplates (up to 384-well). Our portfolio of consumables includes both cell-based and biochemical assay platforms, reagents and kits, as well as a complete range of high quality and application-focused microplates for your assay applications, detection technologies, or plate reader requirements.


Automation Certified Pipet Tips

PerkinElmer’s Automation Certified Pipette Tips are available in 96-well and 384-well formats. These...  View more


Microplates matter. PerkinElmer offers you the very same microplates we use to develop and validate ...  View more

Twister Accessories

Twister Accessories are designed for long term reliable operation.  View more