Clinical MSMS

PerkinElmer offers tandem mass spectrometry (MSMS) solutions for the clinical laboratory.

Due to its sensitivity, MSMS is widely regarded as the “gold standard” among assay technologies. In addition it provides the considerable benefit that multiple analytes can be measured simultaneously. This means it is possible to obtain a snapshot showing the status of a variety of related substances.

PerkinElmer expertise and experience is at the disposal of laboratories wishing to apply tandem mass spectrometry methods in clinical determinations. Products include reagents and kits for assays employing liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, as well as purpose-designed informatics. In all products the company meets regulatory compliance, and is able to bestow higher standards of safety for customers working in this field.

PerkinElmer has a strong background as a supplier of mass spectrometry technology for research applications. As the global leader in newborn screening, the company played a pioneering role in the introduction of tandem mass spectrometry into that field.

MSMS technology in the clinical laboratory

As a key technology in future clinical endocrinology, MSMS brings the following benefits:
  • Results for multiple analytes in a single assay
  • Improved sensitivity, specificity and accuracy
  • Rapid development of new assays not dependent on raising antibodies
  • High throughput cost-effective assays that give reproducible results
  • Multiple sample matrices can be used

PerkinElmer CHS products are not available in the USA and Canada. Available as a CE marked IVD where recognized.

For detailed information on availability of PerkinElmer diagnostic products please contact your local representative.

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