Assays that deliver results

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PerkinElmer assays are used every day by scientists around the globe. With a wide variety of both cell-based and biochemical assays you will find the right option for your research & discovery needs.

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Alpha Technology

Virtually anything can be measured quickly and easily with Alpha ELISA alternative technology: enzymes,...  Zobacz więcej

Calcium Photoproteins-Aequorin & Photina

Choose from AequoScreen aequorin cell lines, AequoZen frozen cells or PhotoScreen Photina® cell lines. We...  Zobacz więcej

Cell Lines and Frozen Cells for Label-free Assays

Non-invasive, pathway unbiased label-free technology offers rich information for difficult targets,...  Zobacz więcej

Cell Lines, Frozen Cells & Membrane Preparations

PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive collection of validated fresh cell lines, frozen cells, membrane ...  Zobacz więcej


DELFIA (Dissociation-Enhanced Lanthanide Fluorescent Immunoassay) is a robust, high-performance immunodetection...  Zobacz więcej


FlashPlate® is a white polystyrene microplate, designed for high-volume, homogeneous radiometric assays,...  Zobacz więcej

Labeled Nucleotides

PerkinElmer is the world's leading supplier of labeled nucleotides, offering the broadest range of standard...  Zobacz więcej


Ideal for HTS and ultra HTS, LANCE biochemical TR-FRET assays are sensitive, homogeneous and easy to...  Zobacz więcej

Lites Luminescence Assays

These Luciferase-based Assays (Glow luminescence) have been well defined as a preferred enzyme in luminescence...  Zobacz więcej

SPA Reagents and Technologies

Scintillation proximity assay (SPA) is a homogeneous and versatile technology for the rapid and sensitive...  Zobacz więcej