Alpha Technology

Virtually anything can be measured quickly and easily with Alpha ELISA alternative technology: enzymes, receptor-ligand interactions, kinases, second messenger levels, DNA, RNA, proteins, proteases, peptides, sugars and small molecules.

The protocol is easy, without wash steps and takes less than 3 hours to set up and run, thus allowing for easy adoption, decreased variability and results in half the time of a traditional ELISA.
Biotherapeutics: Consistent, Reproducible Results

Biotherapeutics: Consistent, Reproducible Results

Highly sensitive ELISA alternative to simplify your workflow and ensure consistent, reproducible results. Read more

Epigenetics: Optimized for Simplicity. Validated for Your Mark.

Epigenetics: Optimized for Simplicity.

The broadest range of highly specific, fully validated research reagents for epigenetic drug targets. Click here for cell based kits and toolbox options.

Handle Large Protein:Protein Interactions With Ease

Handle Large Protein:Protein Interactions Easily

A remarkably efficient and sensitive assay, enabling you to study protein interactions and complexes as large as 200 nm in size. Read more

The Largest Portfolio of Biochemical Kinase Assays

Cell-based Kinase & Signaling Assays

Novel cellular assays for detection of endogenous phospho-proteins... Read more

Biomarker Kits: Versatile No-Wash Assay for Complex Matrices

Biomarker Kits: Results in 1/2 the time of ELISA

Convert troublesome ELISAs to a superior alternative. For a faster way to measure biomarkers and cytokines, choose from nearly 120 kits for a wide range of therapeutic targets. Read more

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  • Epigenetics
  • Protein:Protein Interactions
  • Kinase Research
  • Biomarkers
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Confidence in Your Results: 1000s of Citations and Resources

Only PerkinElmer offers the Alpha expertise and knowledge to deliver the best performance for Alpha Technology as demonstrated by 1000s of citations and resources. Our portfolio gives you a complete solution, from multiple assay platforms to Alpha-certified detection systems, such as the EnSpire® and EnVision® Multimode Plate Readers, automation instrumentation and custom assay development. It's everything you need to ensure consistent, reproducible results across numerous applications - and enhance your research in big and small ways.

Dr. Fritz Poulsen, Novo Nordisk

Dr. Fritz Poulsen works in the ADME & assay technology area in Diabetes Biology and Pharmacology at the Diabetes Research Unit of Novo Nordisk. Fritz says, "We use AlphaLISA sandwich immunoassays due to their good sensitivity and broad working range for testing animal samples from PK studies where very low and very high analyte samples are used.”

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Professor Omasa, University of Tokushima

“The AlphaLISA® CHO HCP kit is very effective for the rapid evaluation of HCP concentration, and strongly supports the determination of the end-point of mammalian cell culture. It also allowed us to obtain information about cell viability and viable cell condition…”

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Alpha Technology Citations

Alpha Technology Citations


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AlphaLISA Epigenetic Tool Box

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AlphaLISA Fc Receptor Binding Assays

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AlphaLISA TruHits Kit

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AlphaPlex Multiplexing Technology

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OnPoint Custom Labeling Services

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