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Rad Detection for Receptor Ligand Binding

A direct detection method removes the need for antibodies, reducing assay time & variables. Radiolabeled ligands allow for sensitive & quantitative measurement of RLB properties. Shop Now.

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Welcome to the home of PerkinElmer NEN Radiochemicals!

From under one roof, we deliver a comprehensive portfolio of PerkinElmer NEN® (New England Nuclear) radiochemicals, scintillation cocktails, vials, and microplates, radiometric detection instrumentation and reagent services. We have what you need, when you need it, and the expertise to help you get the most out of it.

Our radioactivity portfolio includes radioactive nucleotides, radiolabeled ligands, radiotherapeutic nuclides, radionuclides, and a variety of steroids, carbohydrates, cyclic nucleotides, sugars and amino acids, CAT assay reagents, lipids, and microspheres.

Do you need help cross-referencing products from another supplier? If you are looking for equivalent radiochemical products, please use our Cross Reference Tool to make the switch to PerkinElmer easily and accurately.

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Amino Acids and Derivatives

Amino acids play well-known and significant roles in life as the building blocks of proteins and also...  View more


PerkinElmer provides NEN® branded 14C and 3H labeled carbohydrates for your research. If you don't find...  View more

Chemical Precursors & Other Compounds

PerkinElmer provides NEN® branded chemical precursors and other compounds for your radiolabeling needs....  View more

Custom Radiosynthesis & Radiolabeling Services

PerkinElmer's experienced chemists will work with you, scientist to scientist, to design and prepare...  View more

Epigenetics Research Using Radiochemicals

Methylation Assays, Acetylation Assays, and Scintillation Proximity Assays are available for your epigenetic...  View more

Iodinated Compounds

PerkinElmer provides NEN® branded 125I - and 131I-labeled compounds including radioligands specific ...  View more


PerkinElmer provides NEN® branded lipids for your research needs. If you don't find what you are looking...  View more

New Radiochemicals

PerkinElmer is committed to providing you with the radiochemicals you need. We are the only radiochemical...  View more

Radioactive Nucleotides

PerkinElmer provides the world's most complete line of 33P, 32P, 35S, 3H and 14C nucleotides, stocked...  View more

Radioimaging & Radiotherapeutics

PerkinElmer has been supplying ultra-pure, highly concentrated NEN® brand radioisotopes to the research...  View more

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Kits

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) continues to be a useful and sensitive method of analyzing biological samples...  View more


PerkinElmer is home to a broad choice of NEN Radiochemicals radionuclides - all under one roof. Your...  View more

SPA Reagents and Technologies

Scintillation proximity assay (SPA) is a homogeneous and versatile technology for the rapid and sensitive...  View more


PerkinElmer provides NEN® branded steroids for all your research needs. If you don't find what you are...  View more