Blotting Reagents

PerkinElmer is ready to support you and your lab with a wide range of solutions for sensitive and consistent detection of proteins and nucleic acids in blotting applications.

We have more than three decades of experience with blotting reagents and consumables for radiometric, chemiluminescent, chromogenic and fluorescent detection.


Lightning Blot™ System

Better Westerns, Faster The Lightning Blot System delivers high quality protein transfers across a broad...  View more

Northern & Southern Blotting

Labeled nucleotides from PerkinElmer are commonly used to make probes for northern and southern blotting....  View more

Radiometric Blotting Detection Reagents

125I labeled reagents offer highly specific and sensitive direct autoradiographic detection of membrane-bound...  View more

Transfer Membranes for Western Blotting

PerkinElmer offers only the highest quality transfer membranes. They facilitate detection by concentrating...  View more

Western Blotting

Western blotting (also known as western immunoblotting or immunoblot) is the most widely used technique...  View more

Western Lightning Chemiluminescent HRP Substrates for Western Blotting

Enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) is the most referenced detection ...  View more