Overview of Phenoptics™ Quantitative Pathology Research Solutions for Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy



Imagine your research benefiting from the quantitation and multimarker phenotyping results of flow cytometry with the cellular spatial relationships and specificity of immunohistochemistry from standard FFPE tissue.

How would that impact your work?

Today, multiplex immunohistochemistry staining solutions and spectral imaging systems for automated measurement of signal levels on a per-cell and per-tissue-context basis are the new reality. And our Phenoptics Research Solutions for Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy address it by enabling quantification of cancer-immune interactions, revealing which disease mechanisms are in play, and helping you discover and validate biomarkers to support research into potential subpopulation stratification methodologies.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end Phenoptics Research Solutions for Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy include:
  • Advanced staining methods that build on standard techniques you’re familiar with, yet radically simplify and facilitate multiplexed staining
  • Multispectral imaging systems that enable visualization of multiple overlapping markers to reveal individual biomarker expression patterns, with no crosstalk, using patented imaging technology
  • Image analysis software that can isolate label signals from autofluorescence in FFPE tissue to improve sensitivity and visualization of fluorescently tagged biomarkers and provide quantitative per-cell expression values for each marker in each cell compartment of every cell
  • Contract services that can support and complement the considerable expertise you already have in-house

Bottom line, our Phenoptics Research Solutions for Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy reveal cellular phenotypes and their interactions within tissue, supporting those researchers who work tirelessly to develop effective methods to increase our understanding of disease mechanisms, assess treatment response, and monitor for response and recurrence.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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