Clarus 580 GC with SoftLINK

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SoftLINK® provides a fast, economical way of instrument control and data handling of multiple Clarus™ 580 GCs from a single workstation.

A cost-effective alternative to the Integral LINK or LINK Box options for Clarus 580 GC users, SoftLINK is a software application that allows full control of up to four Clarus 580 GCs with data buffering in the computer.

SoftLINK meets the needs of budget-conscious modern laboratories in the petrochemical, chemicals, food & beverage, semi-conductor, academic institutions, and a variety of other industries utilizing gas chromatography.

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Product Details

Economical Alternative

SoftLINK brings a more cost-effective, less complicated way of instrument control and data handling of multiple GCs from a single workstation.

Functional features available on SoftLINK include:

  • Instrument control of Clarus 580 GC
  • Data buffering in the computer
  • Error handling
  • Operating Status indicators

PerkinElmer continues to offer external data-buffering capabilities through the Integral LINK and LINK box options.


The SoftLINK option includes the following functional features:

  • Controls up to four Clarus 580 GCs
  • Supplied on CD-ROM
  • Runs on TotalChrom® 6.2.1 running on Windows® 2000 SP3

SoftLINK is compatible with Clarus 580 GCs running in the TotalChrom Workstation environment.

Key Benefits

  • Supports up to four Clarus 500 GCs in a single workstation
  • Lower cost
  • GCs can be connected to the computer via RS 232 or USB computer ports
  • No intermediary interface box or card is required
  • Built-in system status indicators

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