OptiPlate-384, White Opaque 384-well MicroPlate

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The white OptiPlate™-384 is the result of the latest developments in microplate technology. The optimized well design and high quality plastics enhance signal reflectivity at low backgrounds and crosstalk. In direct comparison to many other 384-well microplates, this OptiPlate™-384 results in the strongest assay signal under similar conditions! This makes the microplate ideally suited for high-sensitivity and low-volume luminescence assays using PerkinElmer’s TopCount®, MicroBeta®, Fusion™,VICTOR2™ or LumiCount® Microplate Readers. The pinch bar design facilitates robotic handling and the ribbed underside improves trouble-free stacker operation. PerkinElmer microplates are produced under strict clean room conditions to reduce dust or other contaminants. Bar coded microplates are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • High reflectivity for maximum assay signals
  • Low backgrounds and crosstalk for maximal SNR
  • Ribbed underside to avoid stacker jams
  • Footprint conforms to proposed industry standard (SBS)
  • Pinch bar design for optimal robotic processing

    Typical Applications

    • AlphaScreen® assays
    • Reporter Gene assays
    • Luminescence assays
    • SPA

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Storage Temperature : room temperature

Storage and Shipping

Packaging : 8 bags of 25 plates
Storage Temperature : room temperature

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